Transform Electron crashes into actionable and explorable insight.

Improve software quality by capturing all Electron crashes across environments with Backtrace, the only debugging platform with first-class support for Electron apps.

Minutes to start. Just sign up and point your app to Backtrace via crashReporter.

First-Class Support for Electron Applications
  • Monitor

    Never miss a crash again with monitoring that accepts crash reports from Electron's built-in crash reporter. Backtrace collects crashes across all environments and platforms.

  • Understand

    Easily comprehend your crash activity with automated symbolification, which turns your binary dumps into human-readable callstacks. Go a step further by performing analysis across your complete set to separate signal from noise.

  • Resolve

    Cut down on your time to resolution with automated analysis and intelligent crash aggregation. Embed detailed crash data into Slack, JIRA, and more so that you never miss another clue.

How It Works

Turn-key Crash Management for Electron Apps
    • Simple Setup: Just point your Electron crashReporter to our URL
    • Automated Symbol Management: Electron symbol management for Windows/Mac OS
    • Advanced Extensibility & Integration: Integrate into any system
    • Analytical Backend: Explore and understand your data on a deeper level
    • Full Metadata Support: Characterize your crashes with custom data
    • Enterprise First: Includes on-premise and dedicated hosting, custom data retention, and Platinum Support Services.

  • Backtrace was able to reduce a highly inconsistent hours-to-days process to minutes.
    Theo Schlossnagle
    CEO at Circonus
  • Without good crash management, I tend to be more conservative about changing solid, tested software. Now, I can make more significant changes since I know any bugs would get resolved quickly.
    Matt Hill
    Founder at OpenALPR
  • Instead of relying on reproducing the issue, we used Backtace to ultimately track down the issue. The web UI surfaced important information for diagnosing the problem, including: the stacktace, default Electron and custom attributes, and OS, Electron, and app versions.
    David Roe
    Senior DevOps Engineer at
  • Backtrace frees us from worrying about reliably getting detailed failure data, allowing us to focus purely on making our software and core business better.
    Alec Peterson
    Former CTO at Sparkpost
  • Where every other debugging tool has failed for our large workloads at Fastly, Backtrace succeeds, quickly providing data that gives us a huge head start.
    Devon H. O'Dell
    Software Engineer at Fastly
  • With Backtrace's fast and accurate crash analysis, we can quickly identify, analyze, and address critical issues prior to a global release, ensuring our customers continue to have a high-quality experience.
    Kevin Bowling
    Lead Engineer at Limelight Networks
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