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Backtrace is the turn-key crash management software for companies writing C/C++ applications.

Crash Management: Beyond Error & Crash Reporting
  • Monitor

    Cross-platform crash aggregation and monitoring. Process errors from panics, core dumps, minidumps, and during runtime across your stack with a single system. Backtrace generates structured, searchable error reports from your data.

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  • Understand

    Answer the questions that matter to you with Backtrace’s rich query engine. View a high-level overview of error frequency, prioritization, and trends across all your projects. Search through key data points and your own custom data across all your errors.

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  • Resolve

    Backtrace’s automated analysis cuts down on time to resolution by surfacing important signals that lead engineers to crash root cause. Never worry about missing a clue with rich integrations into dashboards, notification, and workflow systems.

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The Backtrace System
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Making Your Job Easier
  • Error Management Across Environments

    Our integrations allow you to capture errors into a single system across your development, QA, production, and remote environments. Backtrace gives you confidence that no matter what the error, you have it captured.

  • The Gamut of Error Severity

    Whether you’re struggling with non-fatal errors, crashes, or both, Backtrace has you covered.

  • Dashboards
    From High-Level Trends to Details

    Quickly identify trends in errors, correlate metadata and dig deep into the details of an error with a single system. From bird’s eye to ground-level views, Backtrace fulfills your error management needs across altitudes.

  • Use Your Preferred Interface

    View and act on error data via your preferred interface: the Backtrace web UI, through Terminal, or workflow management tools like alerting, ticket management, and communication systems.

  • Built to Support Your Needs

    Attach and query against custom metadata like customer, datacenter, or version. Easily extend Backtrace to integrate into your customer workflow systems and debugging processes.

  • Quick and Easy Set Up

    Get started with Backtrace in matter of minutes, no matter your language. With just a few lines of code, start capturing all of your errors from JS, Python, Golang, and more. Dealing with native applications? Easily integrate with our snapshot tool and avoid code modification altogether.

Better Crash Management in a Matter of Minutes

Backtrace offers best-in-class crash management with turn-key integrations. Select yours to learn more.

  • Rich Debug Support/Deeper Introspection

    First-in-class support for complex debugging data for high-performance C and C++ software environments.

    Automated Classification and Analysis

    From archaic architecture details to overflow conditions to memory allocator corruption, Backtrace will point them out and group them together.

  • Drop-in crash monitoring, investigation, and notification platform for Breakpad and Crashpad

    Backtrace provides the easiest and most powerful way to get you up and running with robust crash management software for C/C++ applications. Upload your symbols, submit your minidumps, and you’re ready to go.

    Full-Featured Symbol Management

    Robust symbol archive and management UI to ensure accurate classification, deduplication, and callstack rendering.

    Investigate and Explore Crashes Better with Our Powerful and Intuitive UI

    Get a headstart on root-cause investigation with hints and highlighted signals through our assistive debugging technology.

  • Full-featured Error Database

    Quickly explore your errors across characteristics like uniqueness, version, OS, graphics card, and memory usage.

    Investigate and Explore Crashes Better with Our Powerful and Intuitive UI

    Get a headstart on root-cause investigation with hints and highlighted signals through our assistive debugging technology.

    Quick and Easy Set Up

    Upload your symbols, submit your minidumps, and you’re ready to go.

  • First-Class Electron Support

    Backtrace is the best crash reporting solution for Electron developers. Answer the most urgent questions about your crashes with enhanced crash data. Automatically manage symbols—seamlessly get callstacks with function names. Augment your workflow management tools with critical debug info.

    Start collecting crash data in minutes with the most powerful crash management platform for Electron.

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  • Non-intrusive system-wide core dump analysis 

    Automatically process core dumps and send crash reports to our centralized server. Enrich your crash reports with commonly used system data (OS, memory usage, process uptime) along with custom info (app version, build tag, hardware versions).

    Intelligently deduplication and aggregation makes it easier to distinguish common issues and triage effectively. Unprecedented views into the system state at the time of the crash, including information about threads, callstacks, registers, crash attributes, and annotations. Identify issues like null dereference, floating point error, heap corruption, divide by zero, stack overflow, and more.

    Run in production, QA, and development environments; our integration is lightweight and non-intrusive when idle.

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  • First-Class FreeBSD Support

    From kernel space to user space, snapshots are annotated with automated analysis of heap state so you can more quickly resolve corruption issues. Faults are classified so you can differentiate a malware issue from a software bug from a hardware failure.

Workflow Integrations

Backtrace incorporates powerful debugging data into your existing workflow for seamless error management.
Embed key pieces of error data into your SCM, alerting, ticket tracking, messaging, and logging/monitoring workflows.

  • Google Breakpad and Crashpad
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