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Read and watch step-by-step walkthroughs to show you how to use our solution.

Getting Started with C++ and C#

A brief guide to create simple C++, C# and mixed call stack programs integrated with Backtrace.

Backtrace – Visual Studio Extension

In this 5 minute tutorial, you will see step-by-step how to use the Visual Studio Extension to integrate and configure Crashpad for your Windows C++ application.

SourceMaps Support

In this 4 minute demo, Pawel shows you how Backtrace supports SourceMaps with a sample Electron app written in TypeScript. You will see how without SourceMap files, Backtrace will only show the faulting line number from the transpiled javascript file. This isn’t very useful to the TypeScript developer. When proper SourceMaps are uploaded to Backtrace, you will see the proper TypeScript line numbers show.