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Have a look at the latest product walkthroughs and demos.

Debugging Crashes with Backtrace for Unreal Engine

This explainer video takes you through the step-by-step process of how to debug crashes with Backtrace for Unreal Engine. With Backtrace, debugging and fixing game crashes for your Unreal game has never been easier.

Getting Started with Backtrace and Unity

This 120-second explainer takes you through the step-by-step process of integrating Backtrace to the Unity editor. We’ll also see how you can maximize all the available features that will make error monitoring and resolution as organized and as efficient as possible.

Product Introduction and Walkthrough

In this 10 minute video, you’ll recevied a 2.5 minute introduction to the Backtrace platform, and a 7 minute demo highlighting key capabilities of the system. We  open with a discussion on what types errors can be submitted to Backtrace, and then dig deep on the Debug and Explore views. We highlight Triage briefly, and show how engineers can use Slack to be notified of new issues and immediately be brought into a Debug view.

Software Quality Management with Backtrace

In this 6 minute walkthrough, you will see how Backtrace helps teams capture and address issues raised from various tool like Valgrind, Asan, or Clang-analyzer in a simple to use consolidated UI and platform. We’ll see how Backtrace ingest, indexes, and brings meaning to data, enabling fine grained actionable work units to be created.

Custom Deduplication Rules and Symbol Servers

Check out how customers tweak Backtrace to fit their specific needs. Custom Deduplication rules allows teams to better group crashes or errors with a common root cause together, by exposing the management of the rules engine that generates a fingerprint for an incoming stack trace to the project admin. You’ll also see how to add and manage custom symbol servers to improve symbolication for your incoming crashes.

Visual Studio Extension

Integrating Crashpad with your Windows based C++ application can be an hours-to-days long process. See how Backtrace has simplified the integration using our binary builds and a wizard we wrote for Visual Studio to automate many of the required configuration steps.

Memory Error Tracker

This short demo shows how teams use Backtrace to ensure critical memory errors, leaks, or race conditions identified by tools like Valgrind, AddressSanitizer, and ThreadSanitizer don’t slip through the cracks. We’ll see how developers have an easier time focusing debugging efforts on high-impact issues.

Mixed Callstacks for C++ and C#

Many Backtrace customers use C++ and C# in their applications. See how they use Backtrace’s Explore capability to build a view that simplifies the analysis of mixed callstacks in this short walkthrough.