Announcing C# Support

Great news for C# developers – Backtrace now offers the ability to turn your C# exceptions and crashes into actionable and explorable insights using our reporting library available via NuGet. We’re proud to add this to our supported platforms!

C# Support: You Asked, we Listened

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The Backtrace C# crash and exception reporter is supported on various runtimes and operating systems, including .NET Standard (Xamarin, .NET Core 2.0, UWP), .NET Framework 4.5, 4.6, Unity (Mono) and .NET 3.5. Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android operating systems are all supported as well, with iOS support coming soon.

Backtrace now provides C# developers the ability to capture every exception and crash impacting their applications. This means all handled and unhandled exceptions can be archived in a single repository, while giving you the broad powers to aggregate, analyze, and automate the way you debug.

Let’s Get Started

You can get started by installing the Backtrace C# Reporting Library via NuGet. You can then make use of a BacktraceReport class which represents a single error report. The report can contain information about the exception, the call stack, any custom metadata you wish to send, and any attachments, such as log files, or even a minidump files, that can assist with debugging. Find out more by checking out the Backtrace C# Reporting Library on Github.

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