Detect Regressions with Resolve and Mute Until…

Have you ever wished you could quickly notify a developer if an issue they fixed reappears? Or re-open a closed Jira ticket if an issue is seen again? Backtrace allows you to specify reopen criteria, so you can set fingerprints to Mute or Resolve Until the issue is seen in a future version, or after a certain time period.

New Status Management Options

In recent releases, you’ll notice some new menu options available for Status management. Mute Until and Resolve Until allow users to specify that they want the fingerprint to be reopened if it is seen again in a future version or build, or after a certain period of time.

Shows the resolve until and mute until options

Filter by reopen_count >0 to View Regressions

After you start using the capability, you can apply filters to identify regressions, including the last time the issue was reopened. This gives engineers and managers the tools they need to better prioritize some of these important issues and ensure they don’t fall through the cracks.

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