Self-Service Subscription

We’re starting 2018 fresh with a new way for Backtrace users to subscribe to our services: on their own! Now it’s easier than ever to get started with the best crash management and error analysis platform. All you need is a credit card and a few button clicks to convert to a self-service billing model.


Invoicing is So 2000-and-Late

We always planned to incorporate self-service registration into our product, and many of our users (especially smaller teams) wanted it, too. We looked to address several common issues from our previous sign-up process:

  • Customer needed to sign license agreements offline.
  • We invoiced over email.
  • We only accepted payments via check, ACH/Swift, or wire transfer; i.e. no credit cards accepted.
  • Customer needed a Backtrace member to complete registration.
  • We hadn’t published a pricing model.

We’re So 2000-and-Eight(teen)

Thanks to the hard work of our product and engineering team, along with integrations with Stripe and ChargeBee, we’re happy to roll out a subscription model that users select and manage on their own through the Console. We colloquially call this “Self-Service Billing” in-house, and the capabilities include:

  • Self-service subscription model. User chooses the appropriate plan without Backtrace intervention.
  • User agrees to our terms and conditions online.
  • Our platform automatically generates invoices monthly.
  • We now accept credit card payments, and payments are automatically deducted each month.
  • We published our pricing on our website with additional details in our FAQ.

If you have a credit card and don’t require any of our enterprise capabilities (ex: large user/crash volumes, security/compliance requirements, custom deployments, and more), you can convert your account over to self-service billing and make it easier than ever to manage your subscription.

Self-Service Subscription: Successful!

To switch over to a very alliterate self-service subscription model:

  1. Login to your Console account
  2. Click the upper-right button to Configure Organization
  3. Under Universe Settings, click Billing

From there, you’ll find links to update your subscription, manage your credit card, and check out your monthly crash limits.

We hope this new resolution addresses any of your billing concerns after the New Year!

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