Sneak Peek and Early Access for Console 2.0

We’re proud to offer a sneak peek of Console 2.0! The new user interface is a culmination of the feedback we received from our customers as well as analysis of our user workflows. We’re introducing a wide range of new features that take this all into account. We hope you’re as excited as we are about it!

Console 2.0 Highlights

  • A new “triage” capability:
    • At its core, this allows for stateful association of owners, lifecycle stage, tags, and other metadata to unique errors.
    • Manual and automated creation of tickets in systems like Jira, Visual Studio Team Services, and GitHub Issues. Backtrace was one of the first platforms to support reliable auto-creation of tickets, and now we support manual creation of tickets with third-party systems. For advanced use cases, we will also provide bi-directional synchronization.
    • Improved collaboration capabilities, including comments on objects and groups.
  • More exposure of the Backtrace error management database:
    • Automated detection of all non-indexed attributes. One consolidated location is available to quickly index any metadata that you wish to query on.
    • Support for nested selection and hierarchical joins enabling you to quickly answer questions such as “When was the first time this user has seen an error?”, “When was this error first introduced in all time for errors that occurred this week?”, “When was the first time an error was seen containing a particular function?” and a lot more.
    • Blazingly fast error merging and unmerging.
    • Trend analysis and markers for highlighting trends of errors or arbitrary groups of errors.
  • General usability improvements:
    • An improved web debugger experience that makes it easier to navigate and compare between different errors.
    • Improved on-boarding and symbol management.
    • New visualizations for easier investigation and analysis. More density for easier comparison of activity between arbitrary groups of crashes.
    • Improved callstack rendering capabilities.
    • Visibility into processing errors and interesting events from Backtrace, including workflow integrations.
    • Support for multi-tenancy directly in the web console.

Early Access Roll-Out

We will be rolling out early access to a new user interface in October, which will introduce these features in stages over the course of several weeks. Over the next few quarters, we will also release additional features, including improvements to offline reports, anomaly detection, automated assignment, web-based deduplication configuration, fine-grained sampling control, conditional resolution and mute, and a lot more.

The addition of these new capabilities builds on the power of the core Backtrace technology. All attributes and metadata from your errors continue to be first-class citizens, allowing for the sophisticated ‘slicing and dicing’ that you have become accustomed to with Query Builder. With Console 2.0, you will continue to perform complex filters, aggregations, and faceting on any of your metadata, and perform regular expression matches, inverse filters, linear histograms, callstack and sequence filtering, and a lot more. You will still be able drill down and assess impact quickly. The new capabilities of Console 2.0 add to this, with support for hierarchical joins, nested selection, and other specializations for real-time event analysis.

Stay tuned for more information! We invited a subset of our customers to try out the new capabilities and provide feedback. We will be offering early access to additional customers in October. If you are a current customer and are interested in being involved in testing bleeding edge versions of the product, please contact The functionality is enabled in an opt-in fashion, and it is always possible to revert to the current user interface.

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