Announcing Breakpad, Crashpad, and Minidump Support

Backtrace is excited to announce official support for Breakpad, Crashpad, and minidump crash formats, making crash management one fewer wheel you need to reinvent to ensure software quality. You can now monitor, understand, and resolve all of your C/C++ crashes across every major OS with the Backtrace platform.

If you maintain an Electron App, are looking for a Breakpad server, use Socorro, or need a solution to take control of your C/C++ crashes, read on for reasons you should seriously consider using Backtrace.

Turn-key Crash Management

More than just a crash aggregation server, Backtrace provides a single solution for all your crash management needs:

  • Manage your debug symbols. Use our HTTP APIs to integrate symbol upload into your build process or manually upload symbols and symbol archives. Organize debug symbols into tags, search by DEBUG_ID, and get visibility into symbol parsing failures.

  • Embed and archive the full context of a crash. Attach attributes such as driver version, application load, game level, and more.
  • Reduce noise and intelligently triage with Backtrace’s advanced cross-platform crash deduplication. Greatly reduce the surface area of crash reports your team looks at; triage based on impacted versions, the number of occurrences, and more.

Enhance and Automate Workflows

Backtrace gives you the power and flexibility to explore your crash data how you need to, the way you want to.

  • Explore your crash data from every vantage point. Backtrace provides both web and terminal UIs to perform custom queries, visualizations, and aggregations. Visualize high-level trends of crash data across your applications or dig deep into a single instance of a crash.

General Purpose, Commercially Supported

Backtrace is a general purpose crash management solution for C/C++ software, built to handle the workflows of companies like Comcast, Fastly, AppNexus, and others. Backtrace fits into your existing systems and workflows and is not limited to specific schemas, processes, or integrations. It also serves as a drop-in replacement for Socorro, which was built with Mozilla use cases in mind, with an easy one-package installation process.

Backtrace users also get the benefit of commercial, enterprise-grade support for either on-premise or hosted deployments. We’ll help you manage your Backtrace deployments so you can dedicate more resources to building your software (and stop wondering why RabbitMQ stopped working).

Does it work for Electron Apps?

Backtrace offers first-class support for Electron crash reports with support for built-in attributes/context, custom attributes and automated reporting. We’ll have more information about our complete crash management solution for Electron in a future blog, so stay tuned. However, in the meantime, you can see how simple and easy setup is in our documentation.

Start Today

If you struggle with Breakpad, Crashpad, or minidump reports, or write C/C++ software, Backtrace provides a general purpose solution to monitor, understand, and resolve your crashes. In one turn-key platform, Backtrace gives you convenient ways to explore your crash data from every vantage point and automate your debugging workflows.

Interested in trying Backtrace out? Sign up for our free 30-day trial today or schedule a product demo to learn more.

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