CppCon 2018 is Finally Here!

Our team is thrilled to be exhibiting at CppCon for the third year in a row! Whether you’re new to the show, or have been coming since the first year, we’d love it if you visit the Backtrace team. Stop by one of our events listed below, or just swing by our booth on the main floor to chat about crash reporting. We’ll make sure you get some of our new swag to bring home with you!


Our CppCon 2018 Schedule:

Exhibiting Hours
9/24 – 9/26 | All Day

Speaking Session
Debuggers for Modern Applications: Performance and Static Analysis
By Samy Al Bahra
9/25 | 12:30PM – 1:30PM

Speaking Session
Lesser Known Linux Kernal APIs
By Hannes Sowa
9/26 | 12:30PM – 1:30PM

Lightning Talks
We’re sponsoring snacks and drinks for the evening!
9/25 | 8:30PM – 10:00PM



Join Backtrace CTO/Co-Founder, Samy Al Bahra, on Tuesday at 12:30PM for his talk, Debuggers for Modern Applications: Performance and Static Analysis.

Debuggers are one of the most important tools in the engineering arsenal. However, today’s popular symbolic debuggers have evolved little beyond their predecessors of three decades in the area of performance and static analysis. You don’t have to wait tens of seconds or minutes to iterate on your builds with a debugger or bottleneck the debugging process when domain expertise is lacking.

After exploring problems in these areas, the talk examines technical hurdles to building faster debuggers and illuminates our journey in building a modern symbolic debugger that is magnitudes faster than existing debuggers. Finally, with performance improved, viable opportunities for marrying static analysis with symbolic debugging are explored. These techniques are currently being used and deployed in the wild for companies such as Comcast, Oath, AppNexus and more.

What Does Backtrace Do?

We have a lot to say about this (so come talk to use!) but ultimately we strive to improve software quality by transforming crash data into actionable information your team can capture, prioritize, and resolve.




Never miss a crash again with cross-platform capture for all your supported systems. Stop guessing, and know exactly how your project is performing.




Answer the important questions you need to shorten time to identification. We combine automatic symbolication, indexing of attributes, and full queryablity across custom data.




Cut down on time to resolution with automated analysis and intelligent aggregation. Streamline collaboration by integrating with your ticket management, chat, and monitoring tools.

TLDR; Come say hi at one of these places

CppCOn18 Schedule


See you at the show!

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