GDC: God Mode for Developers

In stark contrast to a rather snowy March in NYC, we experienced beautiful weather during our visit to San Francisco for GDC 2017. We designed a booth stocked with old video game references, fun puzzle giveaways, chocolate gold coins to sustain visitors throughout the day, and a Nintendo Switch raffle. Most importantly, four of us from Backtrace attended and were eager to meet game developers to chat about debugging challenges.

GDC Booth

God Mode for Developers

We went with the tagline “God Mode for Developers” because we think the landscape for debugging platforms, particularly for game developers, is extremely limited. We empower game devs to capture all of their crashes, immediately assess impact, gain deep introspection, and ultimately provide a better video gaming experience for their players. Compared to what’s out there today, game developers using Backtrace have a far superior product.

We were also pleased to hear that our investments into supporting Breakpad/Crashpad resonated with many of the developers.  Studios using either crash reporting system have an extremely simple integration into Backtrace, from sign-up to error aggregation in minutes. If you’re using Breakpad/Crashpad and want to check us out, just head over to our signup page and you can get started on your own.

GDC Booth Layout

3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle

It was fun challenging gamers, and we had a really challenging 3D puzzle. In fact, despite dozens of attempts, only one person was able to complete it throughout the entire 3 days we were exhibiting. Congrats to Daniel Triplett, a Purdue University professor, on completing this challenge.


Nintendo Switch Raffle

Also a huge congrats to Guiz de Pessemier from Outerminds for winning our Nintendo Switch raffle. He ended up going with the tri-color model (obviously) and claims he will generously donate the Switch to his office for play. We’ll see about that, Guiz.

Wrap Up

GDC was a really fun and productive conference. It was neat to let our inner geek out and have fun with the booth design and its giveaways. More importantly, we met a ton of interesting people and companies that were struggling with the debuggability of their software and were interested in seeing how we can help. We’ll definitely be back at GDC next year.

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