Leveraging Amazon Web Services

For February’s product updates, we looked to the cloud since that’s where so many of our users are developing and hosting applications. The latest release of Backtrace integrates with the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud to achieve two new capabilities:

  • Simple Notification System (SNS) for messaging
  • S3 for debug symbol management

We built these integrations to improve automation and boost your productivity. SNS is the backbone of message-based communication on AWS, and Backtrace aims leverage workflow systems already in place. The same can be said for integrating with S3 as it’s a popular storage location for symbols already.

The latest release also packs in additional enhancements that we’ll examine in a blog post coming up shortly.

For now, let’s discuss the Amazon cloud integrations in detail.

SNS Messaging

SNS Messaging ExampleA core tenant of helping resolve errors and crashes is speed, so Backtrace integrates to your existing systems for ticket tracking, messaging, and more to support resolution flows. At Backtrace, we’re expanding in the ways our customers need us to. In August, we rolled out new Workflow integrations that included Webhooks so you could build advanced custom workflows. (Learn about configuring Webhooks in our documentation.)

This set the stage for one of our customers who use Amazon Web Services SNS, to use Webhooks as a proxy to connect Backtrace with their SNS system. SNS is the standard pub/sub messaging system for their development communications, and is integrated into every part of their organization. So when something is published through Backtrace to SNS, every subscriber can use the information, even routing it to another system like JIRA or CloudWatch if they need to.

It also opened the door for us to develop the capability for AWS customers, and customers of Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), that rely on SNS as the standard format for sharing information across the cloud.

Amazon SNS is yet another of the growing number of third-party systems Backtrace integrates with to increase productivity by embedding relevant context into the systems that you use to work.

Getting started with SNS is like any other Workflow integration. (Review Workflow integration in our documentation.)  After set-up, the steps are simple:

  1. Configure an AWS SNS topic to publish to;
  2. Confirm that workflow rules are executed as expected; and
  3. Confirm the payload format to ensure it hyperlinks back to crash summary and details.

S3 for Debug Symbol Management

Debug Symbol and the Amazon S3 BucketAmazon S3 is already a popular place for storing debug symbols—it’s inexpensive and easy for everyone to reach simultaneously. Did you know you can configure Backtrace’s Symbol Server to automatically pull debug symbols from your S3 environment as needed? Contact Backtrace support to connect to your public or private S3 bucket, and have Backtrace operate as smart as ever, automatically symbolicating dump files without human intervention.

Extending the automation of Backtrace to Amazon’s S3 gives you more freedom and a choice over how you want to manage your debug symbols. You can continue to maintain a separate symbol server in addition to your S3 buckets. But this can get difficult for high-capacity, DevOps-driven organizations on a continuous development and deployment schedule. Or, you can eliminate duplication and integrate Backtrace to the same resource your teams use already. Again, this goes back to a core tenant of Backtrace of making things simple by aligning with existing workflows.


The Amazon cloud is where more developers are working today, and where applications are functioning. Backtrace aims to make things simpler for our customers by further integrating with Amazon properties. Look for more to come in the months ahead when we further our integration with workflows with additional Atlassian tools, and begin to introduce the ability to manage crash lifecycles, from unresolved to resolved or ignored.

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