MIGS17: Game Over

It was just over a month ago that 5 members from Backtrace joined together as an unstoppable adventuring party on a quest to attend, exhibit, and engage attendees at MIGS17. They arrived at the Palais des congrès in Montréal, each prepared to face what would be the Final Boss for 2017: Montreal International Game Summit. This conference may have seemed like uncharted territory for us, but the team knew it was our destiny to attend. With the experience received from Games Developer Conference in March, we were prepared to be massively effective while exhibiting at MIGS17. 

For Honor

In the weeks leading up to the conference, we were excited about both the updates in our product offering for UE4, and the thematic new art and messaging developed for the show. Some of it was posted in our pre-show blog, but seeing the full set up at our booth exceeded our expectations. The theme, “Manage the Onslaught of Crashes” was inspired by castle defense games, where Backtrace was your ultimate tool for keeping your software safe and your users happy.

Our Agents of Mayhem, Francois Saint Jacques and Jason Davis, finishing setup for the Backtrace Booth at MIGS17

There wasn’t much time to admire the fully assembled booth before needing to prepare for our live demo with Abel Mathew, our CEO, and Chris Brunning, Solutions Architect at AWS. They were partnering to demonstrate how the team at Amazon Lumberyard uses Backtrace for crash management and error analysis. Preparation for the demo was done far in advance through constant collaboration with the team at Lumberyard, but we did improvise methods for announcing the start of the demonstration. The brave Francois Saint Jacques ran around the exhibit hall waving our banner, enticing conference attendees to head to the stage for our demonstration. The demo was a huge success, and we will be writing a post about the experience that includes the video, so everyone will have a chance to view it.


Live Demo 'Coming Up' Board

Up Next: Backtrace Live Demo!


Abel Mathew On Stage

Abel Mathew presenting our live demo on the MIGS17 Stage

Breath of the Wild

After the demo, the team returned to the booth to spend the remainder of the day as part of the battlefront that is the Expo Hall. This was the team’s chance to interact with conference attendees, which is the heart of exhibiting at a show. When asked about how MIGS17 went, Jason Davis, Backtrace’s VP of Product, got right to the core of this in his response:

The Montreal International Gaming Summit (MIGS) was a great event where we had the opportunity to interact many different types of people who work in the Video Game industry. We spoke with game developers, scene designers, game producers, and students who worked with AAA games, indie development, or with consoles and device manufacturers.

Backtrace was in a different category from many of the other exhibitors at the conference, in that we provide a backend service to support development efforts by capturing and analyzing faults and crashes, rather than a library or toolkit to simplify game development.

Because we were different, we had the opportunity to discuss why crash management and fault detection should be interesting to the gaming industry. It was rewarding when we saw that “aha!” moment when people realized how they too could see an improvement in user retention or reduction in refund rates if they were to deploy and use Backtrace with their games while in development, beta testing, and production in the wild.

Sudden Strike

Backtrace Cubebot from MIGS17

The Cubebots were the hero of our time at MIGS17

For this show, Backtrace tested out a new giveaway item at our booth, the cubebot. We were excited to work them into some of our art before the show, and couldn’t wait to see how the attendees reacted to them. They are quite expressive, unique, and adorable, so it was expected that they would be popular….but we underestimated just how popular they would be! Every last rainbow, blue, and natural wood cubebot was sent to a new home during the show, which is a giveaway record for Backtrace.

A Cubebot from our flyer

The cubebots will definitely have a comeback in the future! Stay tuned, and look for us at upcoming conferences.


Speed Run

TL;DR? The Cubebots are happy to give you a quick summary of the conference. As always, if you have any questions about Backtrace, reach out to us, we’re always happy to talk.



TL;DR: Told by Cubebots

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