How Backtrace Fit into the Ecosystem of NodeSummit

This July, Backtrace was eager to head west to San Francisco as a first-time sponsor and exhibitor at NodeSummit. With somewhere between 800 and 1000 attendees, NodeSummit is the largest conference focused exclusively on Node.js, and is referred to as, “The Ecosystem of Node.” Knowing that in an ecosystem, each organism has its own niche or role to play, it was important that we knew what ours was. As Backtrace now offers turn-key crash management for the Electron App, we were specifically looking to engage and interact with the Electron developers at NodeSummit.

Backtrace’s booth at NodeSummit

Meeting Electron Users

An ecosystem exists in a balanced state, where parties help to sustain and support one another. We definitely felt supported when the conference started off with a 2-hour panel on Electron Wednesday morning. It gave us a chance to meet developers and listen to a panel discussion by several leaders in the Electron community. The speakers at this panel were fantastic. We heard from Bianca Escalante (Senior Manager, Social Impact, GitHub), Kai Maetzel (Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft), Felix Rieseberg (Staff Engineer, Slack), and it was moderated by Jacob Groundwater (Electron Engineering Manager, GitHub). These speakers charged up the audience and proved to be engaging, intelligent, and… quite punny. They slid subatomic-sized particle puns that into the discussion, keeping people in positive spirits and bonding the audience together.

Backtrace Booth at NodeSummit

Beyond making it to a few speaking events, our team was dedicated to doing our part for the ecosystem and staying at the booth, talking to and sharing our product with attendees.

Our CEO, Abel Mathew, talking to a conference attendee

It was great to meet the Electron community and hear about the variety of use cases out there. We loved giving quick demos, and sharing how Backtrace can save you time, energy, and allow you to trust your application. If you’re interested, there’s more information in this blog about how we helped make more sense of their Electron crash reports. Of course, if you’d prefer to jump right to the details, our Electron page and our docs are great places to start. It was our first time really having a chance to hear about the pain points developers face with crash reporting and learning what people needed out of our product. We also had a great time giving away dozens of Backtrace branded puzzles, that continue to bamboozle recipients.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Nodesummit was a fantastic conference, and felt like a true ecosystem, everyone was supportive and eager to help each other. We spoke to a ton of great people, learned a lot about how Electron is being used today, and were definitely kept busy throughout the show. The conference staff was great to work with, and clearly invested in making sure everyone involved had the best possible experience.

Thanks so much, and we’ll see you next year!

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