Backtrace and BSD Now on FreeBSD

Last month, we were pleased to be featured in an interview on BSD Now, a weekly podcast dedicated to BSD news, tutorials, and the community. We shared with hosts Kris and Allan an overview of the Backtrace platform, features specific to FreeBSD, and a live demo. We also discussed our first-class support for FreeBSD.

We’ll be out at BSDCan in Ottawa this week for those that are interested in learning more about us. If you’re attending, come stop by our booth. We’ll have a sponsor table with a live demo that everyone can play with.

Here are some highlights from the podcast.

Backtrace Background

“Backtrace is a company that is aiming to improve how software is built, shipped, and maintained. Our thesis is a first step to doing that is improving the post-mortem debugging process.”

“This is a huge problem and no one out there is actually working on it. A lot of folks are focused on metrics, analytics, etc., which is great but no one’s really focusing on improving the technology which will directly help engineers get to the root cause in the cases where they do have panics and where they do have very hairy performance issues.”

FreeBSD Support

“FreeBSD developers care about stability and care about quality. Culturally there is just a lot of alignment there. And it’s also a very competent and well-knit community so really it’s the perfect platform for us to develop and innovate in this area.”

“FreeBSD is a first-class platform for us. It comes first. We have very rich support and we will continue having very rich support for it, both in kernel space and user space. So if you care about stability and you care about observability, the product is a great fit for that.”

FreeBSD Test Cluster

“We are working with Sean [Bruno] right now on getting Backtrace integrated with the FreeBSD Jenkins test cluster… [to] Make sure that any faults there are aggregated and all developers will have free access to the platform.”

“The hope is that FreeBSD developers will to be able to get the root cause of these panics much more quickly and you’ll have a catalog of all these faults to make sure you can actually build a process, which is extremely important.”

You can find the interview here or watch the entire episode. Thanks again to our hosts Kris and Allan for inviting us to join them.

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