Streamline Crash Management with Workflow Integrations

Think about the workflow the last time you pushed a release. Release cut, QA tests passed, and the monitoring games begin. Latency numbers, RPS, and CPU look normal, nothing to be alarmed of…An hour later, things start to break. Customers are calling in complaining about disconnects and the machines that are still up are overloaded.

In moments of fire, actions like monitoring QPS over time or reading through log statements are not going to get you to the root cause without significant effort. Gaining observability and capturing application state at the time of error is step 1, but error data alone is not as useful without fast, convenient and powerful methods of retrieval and analysis.

Backtrace workflow integrations were developed to directly address this problem by seamlessly integrating error data into your existing resolution workflow, equipping your team with the information needed to make errors immediately actionable. Don’t mistake these for your normal notifications. Backtrace embeds key pieces of information in your communication and collaboration platforms.

Example output of our Slack integration

Backtrace Workflow Integration Features:

Helpful Error Information, Front and Center

Immediate visibility into the stacktrace, error classification, and custom attributes gives your team a head start on troubleshooting issues. Links to Backtrace’s web UI make drilling deeper just a click away.

  • Get notified immediately via messaging platforms like Slack, IRC, or
  • Plug valuable error data into your on-call (PagerDuty, VictorOps) and work
    management tools (Github, JIRA, Asana).

Simple Yet Powerful Configuration

Backtrace workflow integrations only take a couple of seconds to set up. You can easily add and configure integrations via our web UI. Once set up, you’ll also be able to adjust the frequency of notifications, add filters based on metadata, adjust labels, and more.

Supported Integrations

Backtrace supports a wide range of integrations, with more being added all the time. Some of our more popular integrations include:

Type of Integration Supported Services
SCM GitHub
Alerting VictorOps, PagerDuty, OpsGenie
Ticket Tracking JIRA, Asana, Phabricator
Messaging Slack, Hipchat, IRC, E-Mail
Logging/Monitoring Circonus, Datadog


Curious how Backtrace can improve your resolution process? Read about how Circonus uses Backtrace and turns a highly inconsistent hours-to-days process into minutes here.

Don’t see a tool you use in our list above? Let us know! And if you’d like to give Backtrace a try, contact us for a free 30-day trial.

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