Category: Events

GothamGo 2016

Backtrace sponsored and attended GothamGo this year in our hometown of NYC. We were excited to meet with many other Gophers, attend a day full of interesting talks, and give a talk of our own. Keep reading for a quick recap of the conference, especially if you’re considering attending next year. In comparison to GopherCon,… Read More

CppCon 2016

Backtrace sponsored and attended CppCon 2016 this year in the beautiful city of Bellevue, WA. It was great to connect with the C++ community and attend some excellent talks. With over 300 sessions available, it was impossible to catch them all. Fortunately for those that missed any of the talks, CppCon posted all the presentation… Read More

BSDCan 2016 Recap

Backtrace was at BSDCan this year, and while the poutine was delicious, the community of BSDers was the star of the show. It’s incredibly inspiring to be around fellow systems software engineers, talking about real world problems and exciting developments in the *BSD community. Among the more notable announcements at the conference was the availability… Read More