CppCon 2016

Backtrace sponsored and attended CppCon 2016 this year in the beautiful city of Bellevue, WA. It was great to connect with the C++ community and attend some excellent talks. With over 300 sessions available, it was impossible to catch them all. Fortunately for those that missed any of the talks, CppCon posted all the presentation and lightning talk videos available here.

Highlights from the conference include:

  • Running out of t-shirts on the first day of exhibition and then seeing multiple people wear our shirts throughout the week :).
  • Hearing about uftrace, a userspace function graph tracer that leverages instrumentation emitted when using the gcc -p option. The --chrome option looks especially useful.
  • Watching Herb Sutter anxiously await a question on implementing a GC in C++ during the Leak Freedom in C++ talk. Kidding aside, kudos to Mr. Sutter for the informative and well structured talk.
  • Getting a chance to put a face to some of the folks we’ve met in the cpplang slack room.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank Jon Kalb and his team for letting us be a part of the event. The growth and size of CppCon is a testament to the longevity of C++ and we are grateful to be apart of the community.

Be on the look out for a series of upcoming anouncements we’re sure will excite the C++ community. If you are interested in how Backtrace can help you drastically reduce your support and engineering costs, contact us or signup for a free trial. We hope to see everyone at the next CppCon!

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