Stuck on Glue (Con 2017)

This May, the Backtrace team traveled to Broomfield, CO to attend GlueCon 2017 at the Omni Interlocken Resort. We attended both to sponsor the conference and to support our Co-founder/CTO, Samy Al Bahra, who was invited as a speaker. It was our first time attending and the team didn’t quite know what to expect; however, to those who have attended, it should come as no surprise that GlueCon ended up being an excellent experience. The slogan, “Glue is a case study in what a conference should be” is a spot on analysis.  

The conference agenda was packed with a multitude of engaging talks, events, and work sessions; and as a bonus, Gluecon takes over almost the entirety of the Omni Interlocken Resort. Being glued together for the duration of the show meant that nearly all of our interactions were with conference attendees, giving us a truly immersive experience. We were eager to be a show sponsor and have access to all the events that took place during the conference. However, we were most excited to adhere to our primary goal: set up our booth and introduce Backtrace to the Glue community.

Here’s Will Andrews, systems engineer, waiting to show off our C/C++ crash management platform.

While demoing Backtrace to attendees and meeting some new faces in the C/C++ community was the highlight of the show, our team wasn’t entirely stuck to the booth. They still got to explore, attend events, and enjoy the entire conference. The standout talk for us was by Catherine Hoke of Defy Ventures. She delivered a powerful keynote, “Second Chances”. The version from GlueCon isn’t posted yet, but we tracked down a previous one you can watch here, and believe us, it’s worth your time. This talk was one of the few cases that we’ve seen a group leverage tech specifically to address socioeconomic issues, and we can not overhype how incredible this keynote was.

Debugging the Debugger: Why Your Debugger Doesn’t Work When Glue Need it To

Another highlight was, of course, our CTO/Co-founder, Samy Al Bahra’s, talk on Wednesday morning. This talk was a great chance for Samy to get in front of attendees and share information on something our team is passionate about, debuggers and error tracking. His talk, “Debugging the Debugger: Why Your Debugger Doesn’t Work When You Need it To” gave a deep dive into one of the greatest frustrations for systems programmers. Here’s a summary:

“In this presentation, we will take you on a journey to some of the darkest and most confusing pits of systems programming involving debug formats, compilers and process control. We will describe situations where debuggers have failed you, why and how they can be addressed. These failures include missing critical data, corrupted output, performance bottlenecks and more. Even a single snapshot of application state can yield important clues that can reduce time to resolution. This ranges from the classes of instructions involved, to run-time breadcrumbs from the garbage collector or memory allocator, to the relationships of objects in application memory. We will take a tour of commonly neglected areas of application state whose exploration can greatly reduce time to resolution of common classes of bugs.”

If that sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, you can find the slides from Samy’s presentation right here, and stick around in the coming weeks for a full blog on the topic as well. If you’re interested in checking out some of the other phenomenal talks from the conference, the Gluecon team is collecting slides from the speakers, which you can check out here. Also, if you weren’t able to attend and are disappointed you missed the opportunity to demo our crash management solution, we’re always happy to schedule some time to show you how Backtrace can help drastically reduce your support and engineering costs. Just contact us or signup for a free trial.

Thank Glue Very Much

On a final note, this conference was a great experience, and clearly a lot of work went into making it so cohesive. We sincerely want to thank the team behind GlueCon for sticking it out: Eric Norlin and Kimberly Norlin. From our initial call asking about sponsoring through to helping us track down missing packages at the show, we were touched by the amount of support you gave us. Thanks for putting GlueCon together!

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