GothamGo 2016

Backtrace sponsored and attended GothamGo this year in our hometown of NYC. We were excited to meet with many other Gophers, attend a day full of interesting talks, and give a talk of our own.

Keep reading for a quick recap of the conference, especially if you’re considering attending next year.

Go Abel, Go Eddie, Go Michael, Go go go!

Backtrace peeps (Michael, Eddie, and Abel) at our booth for GothamGo 2016.

In comparison to GopherCon, another Go conference, GothamGo was more intimate. There was a single track and auditorium; in other words, no risk of FOMO since you could catch all the talks! Our favorite talks included:

  • Russ Cox, The Challenges Facing Go, talked about a sensible and practical way to refactor a large code base with minimum risk and impact to the product’s stability.
  • Aditya Mukerjee, Cloning Git in Go, illustrated an interesting application of Go as a language as well as a rich library repository.
  • Cindy Sridharan, Demystifying Channels, described how a common design paradigm can hurt you if you don’t understand its mechanism. Cindy posted a couple slides from her talk.

Besides those excellent talks, Abel gave a talk about Building a Go Debugger, which provided insight into our journey of extending Backtrace’s debugger to support Go. An in-depth write-up on the talk is available in this post.

It was also great meeting other Gophers in the exhibit hall. The GothamGo team has built a strong, supportive community and we felt warmly welcomed into the family. Conferences like GothamGo reinforce why Go is one of the most quickly growing languages and make us optimistic about our investments to support Go.

If you are interested in how Backtrace can help you find and fix your Go application errors, sign up for a free trial. You can also see a demo of the product, or contact us to schedule a product walkthrough, as well.

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