From Zero to Integrated Crashpad Reporting in Under 5 Minutes

Calling all Visual Studio Developers – If you build Windows C++ applications, Backtrace now offers an Extension to Visual Studio to simplify the configuration of crash reporting. Check it out on the Visual Studio Marketplace now!

Simplify the Complex

Most C++ engineers who have worked with open source code know the pains one has to go through when compiling source code to integrate with your application. Developers commonly lose many productive hours making sure they have all the required dependencies and flags set to successfully build for their target platforms.

Backtrace has removed this hassle and turned the manual and error-prone processes that can takes hours-to-days into a few easy steps that take minutes. Take a look!

What do you get?

Let’s review why Backtrace built this Visual Studio Extension, and what benefits it provides:

  • Compiling Crashpad for every combination of target platform (Win32, Win64, etc) and release type (Debug vs Release) takes hours-to-days.
    • Backtrace provides binaries for each combination of target platform and release type, reducing this process to minutes.
  • Adding Crashpad binaries to builds and ensuring the right binary is used for the right combination of target platform and release type takes 5-15 manual steps.
    • Backtrace provides a Wizard to do this correctly every time, reducing the process to a few clicks that only take a few minutes.
  • Creating a Crashpad template file with correct paths, include statements, and configurations is a completely manual process that has to be done from scratch or by copying previous work, and takes minutes-to-hours.
    • Backtrace generates Template Files for developers to edit, removing inconsistency across builds and reducing the process to minutes.
  • Creating a post-build script to check if Symbols exist and then uploading the correct Symbol files for every combination of target platform and release type is a manual process that takes minutes-to-hours.
    • Backtrace generates post-build scripts for developers, reducing the process to minutes.

Enter a new world of debugging today!

If you already integrated Crashpad into your Visual Studio application, you may want to update with this extension as it leverages a Backtrace fork of Crashpad that includes support for file attachments, allowing you to to send log files or other data alongside your crash reports.

Additionally, if you are starting any new projects, Backtrace’s Visual Studio Extension will make the integration Crashpad and Backtrace a breeze. Discover how much time you can save detecting and resolving the most difficult crashes with Backtrace.

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