Trip Report: CppCon 2017

Just two weeks ago, we were at CppCon! Time flies, and we wanted to take some time to give a trip report while the show is still fresh in our minds. CppCon is the annual week long gathering for the entire C++ community, and it’s filled with inspiring talks, industry leaders, and fantastic events. This was our second year at the show, and the growth in just one year was unbelievable. There were more attendees, speakers, and exhibitors than ever before. CppCon is growing fast. This was also our biggest conference presence to date. We sent a team of seven to attend the conference, hosted an open session, and made sure to have as engaging a booth as possible.   

The Team at CppCon

Our team had an great time attending the conference this year! From phenomenal talks, all the way to fun badges and delicious food, there was never a dull moment at CppCon. Here’s what a few members of the Backtrace team had to say:


Michael Yan, Software Engineer:

CPPCon attracts a lot of people of the community. There are many interesting talks as well.
The industry seems eager to drive standardization C++11/14/17. The language itself has
merged more features with others like Go, etc.


Jason Davis, Product Manager:

We had several great conversations, and had a chance to learn about what
engineers at a variety of companies are currently using for their Crash Management.
Also, The dumplings at Din Tai Fung were incredibly delicious.


Team selfie at Din Tai Fung!

We may have had some of the silliest badges at the conference. Did we misunderstand what ‘Conversation Starter’ meant?

CppCon Team3

Do you have a favorite conversation starter?

Samy’s CppCon Talk

Our CTO, Samy Al Bahra presented “Optimizations and Debug Quality” during our open session on Wednesday. Despite being during the lunch hour, the talk was well attended and had an engaged audience. We don’t have a video yet, but Samy is giving the talk again at the October gathering of the NYC C++ Meetup, and we’ll post the video from that presentation.


Backtrace Booth

We’d like to thank everyone who dropped by our booth. Engaging with the community is our favorite part of CppCon. We loved chatting with each and every one of you. Whether you got a demo, talked to us about the weather, or just stopped by to try your hand at a puzzle – thanks for stopping by!

Speaking of puzzles… they say a photo is worth a thousand words, so here’s 10,000 words about how successful our booth was:










Of the people we talked to, there was a strong presence of developers focused on embedded devices. This included systems for automotive, aircraft, healthcare, and geospatial/mapping applications. We were proud that the Backtrace solution was intriguing to many of them as they looked for ways to improve the quality of their software through better debug-ability.

Looking Forward:

  • Keep your eye on the CppCon YouTube channel for videos from this year. Some are already uploaded, but many are still to come.
  • CppCon 2018 has been announced! We hope to see you in Bellevue the week of September 28th.
  • If you’re in NYC, check out the NYC C++ meetup this October.
  • If you’re in Bellevue, head to Din Tai Fung for dinner asap!
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