The Backtrace Team

Dedicated to improving the software development and support process through innovations in software debugging.

Backtrace, located in New York City, is dedicated to building the best debugging technology for today’s enterprise software. Our turn-key error management platform helps teams quickly figure out the when, where, and why behind application errors. We’re a diverse, technical group joined by a mission to make software better.

Meet the team
  • Abel Mathew CEO + Cofounder
  • Samy Al Bahra CTO + Cofounder
  • Matt Marcello Software Engineer
  • Eddie Chou Business Strategy + Operations
  • Marc Breaux Implementation Engineer
  • Will Andrews Software Engineer
  • Chloe Jandsten Marketing + Community
  • Michael Yan Software Engineer
  • Andrew Madden Software Engineer
  • Robert King Software Engineer
  • Nick Kraly UX Engineer
  • Francois Saint-Jacques Software Engineer
  • Sherwin John - Technical Account Manager
    Sherwin John Technical Account Manager
  • Nick Sandru Software Engineer
  • Jason Davis Product Management

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