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Error Monitoring 101:

How to Avoid Costly Bugs and Project Delays


It’s no wonder that companies are putting more emphasis on error monitoring and crash reporting. It’s a fact of life that bugs get released into production, and undetected crashes are a recipe for customer churn, missed SLAs, and reputation damage.

You’ll learn these key takeaways about error reporting and crash management systems:

  • Learn how to reduce your debugging time by 50%
  • Identify the “must have” capabilities you need to monitor, understand, and resolve your errors
  • Understand the differences in error monitoring during development, QA, beta, or post-release phases
  • Cut your mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to repair (MTTR) from hours or days to minutes
  • Calculate engineering resources for initial development and ongoing maintenance
  • Compare the costs of “build” vs. “buy”
  • Detect, analyze, and resolve errors across your entire application stack

No matter what stage of the journey you’re on – whether you’re creating your own system in-house or looking for a turnkey product – there will be valuable insights you can put to use right away in your own initiative.

Your Presenters:

Jason Davis – VP of Product at Backtrace
Jason has spent 18 years bringing new enterprise software solutions to market. Prior to Backtrace, he was Sr. Director of Product Management for EDB Postgres where he led the team responsible for new core database features and tooling. He has also held Product Management and Sales Engineering roles at Oracle. He has an MBA from NYU and a BA. in Computer Science from Brandeis University.

Sherwin John – Technical Account Manager at Backtrace
Sherwin works with software teams to improve developer velocity and slash debugging time. As a Technical Account Manager at Backtrace, Sherwin’s customers include IoT/embedded device manufacturers, gaming studios, and desktop application teams. Sherwin is also an Entrepreneur In Residence for Startup Bootcamp Fintech where he advises early stage founders.

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Never miss an error again. Backtrace collects errors across all environments and platforms.


Comprehend your error activity with automated symbolification to turn binary dumps into human-readable callstacks. Dig deeper by performing analysis across your complete set to separate signal from noise.


Cut down on your time to resolution with automated analysis and intelligent error aggregation. Embed detailed error data into Slack, JIRA, and more so that you never miss another clue.



Where every other debugging tool has failed for our large workloads at Fastly, Backtrace succeeds, quickly providing data that gives us a huge head start.

Devon H. O'Dell, Technical Lead at Fastly

With Backtrace’s fast and accurate crash analysis, we can quickly identify, analyze, and address critical issues prior to a global release, ensuring our customers continue to have a high-quality experience.

Kevin Bowling, Lead Engineer at Limelight Networks

Backtrace frees us from worrying about reliably getting detailed failure data, allowing us to focus purely on making our software and core business better.

Alec Peterson, Former CTO of Message Systems

With Backtrace, we know that we’ll get the whole picture, without leaking confidential data, so we can quickly deploy a fix to a customer.

Phil Vachon, CTO of 12Sided Technology

Backtrace was able to reduce a highly inconsistent hours-to-days process to minutes.

Theo Schlossnagle, CEO of Circonus