How does it work?

CI/CD pipelines are great for automating the systematic tasks required to build, deploy, and monitor fast moving software projects. However, how do you manage failures in the pipeline? Teams lose precious hours collecting artifacts and disambiguating failures in order to properly diagnose and resolve issues.

Backtrace helps you respond to instability at every stage of your CI/CD build pipelines by automatically capturing failures and their relevant artifacts for immediate response by your team.

Automated fault collection

Go beyond binary job status. A Jenkins job could fail for dozens of different reasons due to dozens of different commits. Backtrace turns coarse-grained job failures into fine-grained actionable work units.

No more telephone. Backtrace ensures that artifacts and application states are captured when jobs fail. Eliminate the time suck by automatically gathering all the artifacts needed to triage and resolve job failures.

Query everything. All attributes are a first-class citizen in Backtrace. Query commits, builds, environments, users and virtually any data you submit to quickly narrow down on impact and root-cause.

Address pipeline failures immediately.

Reduce detection and resolution time. By providing automated data collection with a single view of quality and instability for all your build pipelines, deployed applications, and services, development teams gain valuable insights into how they can improve the stability of their products while sustaining positive user experiences. Reduce your team’s debugging time by 50-90%, saving critical time and resources while significantly improving the organization's bottom line.

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Deployment flexibility

Use Backtrace with our dedicated and multi-tenant hosting solution, or install it on-premises. It's your choice.

Core teams at leading companies use Backtrace

Error monitoring that is powerful and pretty.

Backtrace enables your debugging and triage workflows.

Leading companies use Backtrace, why don't you?

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