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Sign up and follow the wizard to get going in minutes without any code modifications. Capture all your errors and backfill historical data. Do you have a legacy pipeline that you must integrate with instead? No problem, other integration options exist for PlayStation. Contact us to learn more.

Fix bugs faster.

Rich data. Backtrace provides accurate callstacks and support for direct downloads of core dumps, screenshots and any other assets to get you to the root cause faster.

Custom data included. Capture and index all relevant data associated with an error, whether it is a map name, player items or more to quickly identify impact. Backtrace will automatically extract these from your core dumps.

Consolidation. Ensure your developers get to the root cause faster by being able to directly isolate environmental factors including offending commit or release, contributing factors (such as a particular map) across all your platforms.

Triage effectively.

Accurate, extensible and customizable deduplication. Errors are deduplicated by error location and attribute similarity so you quickly determine how many users and instances are impacted by issues across your environments.

Rich workflow integrations. Backtrace seamlessly integrates into your engineering pipeline with support for popular alerting, notification, issue tracking and collaboration tools.

Powerful query capabilities. Easily filter to, exclude, group and aggregate on any attributes you send along with your errors. Filter on function names, modules, graphics cards and more.

Industry-leading cross-platform support

Ensure a consistent experience across your platforms. Easily identify common issues across your build targets and make sure no player is left behind. Identify important platform-specific issues early!

See value in minutes. Backtrace supports integrating directly with platform APIs to pull existing error data without having to schedule in developer cycles to integrate custom crash reporting.

Query everything. Easily filter, group by and aggregate across any data you send to the platform to triage and fix bugs faster. Send hundreds of attributes, whether it is graphics setting or a map, then build reliable workflows around them.

Servers are a first-class citizen. Backtrace originated in the server. Get the full picture across your clients and servers.

Backtrace is an approved middleware vendor. We are able to directly support your game console needs as an approved middleware vendor.

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Backtrace takes security seriously and ships with a myriad of security and privacy features, meeting or exceeding requirements for GDPR, SOC-2 and more.

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Security features include:
  • Access control
  • Audit Logs
  • Compliance
  • LDAP / PAM / SAML 2.0
  • Multitenancy
Privacy features include:
  • Encryption at rest
  • Privacy shield certification
  • Fine-grained retention policies
  • PII scrubbing
  • SSL encryption

Deployment flexibility

Use Backtrace with our dedicated and multi-tenant hosting solution, or install it on-premises. It's your choice.

Core teams at leading companies use Backtrace

Error monitoring that is powerful and pretty.

Backtrace enables your debugging and triage workflows.

Leading companies use Backtrace, why don't you?

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