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Get going in a few seconds, just upload your log or report files from tools like Valgrind, AddressSanitizer (ASan), ThreadSanitizer(TSan), Clang analyzer, and more . Full details on supported tools and URLs to use available in your Project Settings / Integration Guides. Some examples include:

AddressSanitizer (ASan)
$ cc -o application application.c -fsanitize=address \
$ ASAN_OPTIONS="log_path=asan.log" ./application
$ curl -s --data-binary @asan.log.28126 \$universe-name/ \
$ scan-build -plist-html -o reports make
$ tar -zcvf clang-analyzer-report.tar.gz reports/2019-09-19
$ curl -s --data-binary @clang-analyzer-report.tar.gz \$universe-name/ \


Automated Quality Information Capture

Backtrace helps companies increase software quality by automating the collection and indexing of data from testing tools, CI/CD systems, and running code.

Simple integrations with industry-leading tools allow teams to centrally analyze and act on quality issues that are uncovered throughout the SDLC.

Engineers spend their time resolving the highest impact issues, instead of collecting and investigating siloed data reports.

Build Repeatable Processes

Be more effective with shift-left or fail-fast models. Triage and assign errors earlier, lowering the impact of those issues on security, stability, or customer experience, and freeing more engineering time to ship features.

Correlate as much as possible. Leverage purpose-built technology to identify defects like memory errors, race conditions, and static code rule violations, and Backtrace will classify and associate errors that are related to specific functions in a stack trace.

Support more effective post-mortems. Backtrace automates the error data collection needed review how the team went about diagnosis, who they involved, and how they ultimately resolved the issue.

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Make memory and thread analyzer reports useful

We created the Memory Error Tracker for our own engineering team to better identify leak sites, memery management errors, and race conditions.

Announcing Memory Error Tracker

After seeing how well it worked for us, we decided to make the Memory Error Tracker a public feature. Now, you can take actions on results from Valgrind Memcheck, AddressSanitizer (ASan) and ThreadSanitizer (TSan).

Get more out of Static Code Analysis with Backtrace

Develop team wide repeatable processes and incorproate static code analysis identifed defects into the rest of your SDLC.

What happened when Qlik got serious about software quality?

Understand the benefits Qlik saw by re-engineering their teams, products, and process around build pipelines, service architectures, rigorous test automation, and Cloud deployments.

Minimizing the Impact of CI/CD Failures with Backtrace and XebiaLabs

Follow along with Alpha, a fictional Software Engineering company, as they transform their software delivery pipelines with XebiaLabs and Backtrace.

Deployment flexibility

Use Backtrace with our dedicated and multi-tenant hosting solution, or install it on-premises. It's your choice.

Core teams at leading companies use Backtrace

Error monitoring that is powerful and pretty.

Backtrace enables your debugging and triage workflows.

Leading companies use Backtrace, why don't you?

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