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Backtrace for Gaming

The faster your team handles crashes and exceptions, the more time players can spend playing

“Before Backtrace, our QA team spent a lot of time deduping crashes, then classifying them as to which team they should go to–graphics crash, low level crash, etc.–before we could fix the issue.”

Capture Every Crash and Exception

Automated crash and exception capture from every client, console, engine, and server platform you run on. Backtrace generates structured, searchable error reports for you.

Unreal, Unity, Xbox, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, C, C++, or C#—we have you covered.

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Focus on What Matters

Automated deduplication, symbolication, and analysis cut down on time to resolution by removing the noise and surfacing the most important signals for you.

Never worry about missing a detail with rich integrations into issue tracking, notification, messaging, and dashboarding tools.

Get Answers

Answer the questions that matter to you instantly with Backtrace’s analytics engine.

Zoom out for an overview of error frequency, prioritization, and trends by game, platform, release, or across everything.

Aggregate and filter using your own custom tags or attributes.

Case Studies

Game publisher THQ Nordic adopted Backtrace and reduced mean time to discovery (MTTD) by more than 90% and mean time to resolution (MTTR) by more than 50%. Learn more about how they did it.

Backtrace is helping the engine and game dev teams at Amazon Lumberyard deliver higher-quality experiences to other developers and end users alike. Read more about how they use Backtrace.

Game developer Fun Bits didn’t want to be flying blind when they released their UE4-based game “Squids From Space” on Steam! See why they chose Backtrace.

Product Blogs

Take a look at the Engines, Devices, Languages, and Backend Services that Backtrace supports in this blog post.

When developing with the Unity engine, be sure to think about crash and exception reporting before it’s too late! Get an overview of Backtrace’s Plugin for the Unity Editor here, and learn more about Best Practices for C# exception reporting.

Backtrace is available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace! Read all about it.

Attention Console Developers: Backtrace has a middleware license agreement with Microsoft to process dump files from Xbox. More details in our Xbox Integration Guide.

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