Backtrace Simplifies Crash Reporting for PS4 and Xbox One Games 2020-01-16T19:52:34+00:00

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Backtrace, a cross-platform crash and error management solution, now supports collecting game crashes from both PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles with no modifications to game code.

“Game Studios have been asking for crash analytics across the major platforms and we are excited to deliver this functionality,” says Abel Mathew, CEO, Backtrace.

Clients like Respawn, Perfect World, and Take-Two need to ensure game stability and scalability as they capitalize on the age of platform convergence. The ability to immediately act on crashes, no matter the platform, drives faster resolution and a better understanding of the issues affecting end gamers. Anyone using Backtrace now has a significant competitive advantage in delivering the best game experience; immediate visibility into game crashes across major platforms and a turn-key solution to resolve them.

To date, development studios who build games for PS4 and Xbox One have been limited in their ability to access crash and instability information through the console’s development portals. These portals are limited in usefulness due to insufficient customization, minimal integration to tools like Jira and Slack, fixed or non-existent analytic engines, and no multi-platform support. Backtrace crash reporting provides actionable insight and empowers studios to build better games, faster.

Backtrace is the first and only true cross-platform crash and error reporting platform that makes it easy to capture game crashes from all runtime environments, including game consoles, desktops, mobile, and game servers, helping game development teams prioritize and resolve the most important issues 50-90% faster than before.

Backtrace offers multiple integration points for your games to allow developers to have unfettered access to all your error data from every platform your game runs on, turning it into useful information.

Developers can choose to integrate via their PS4 DevNet or Xbox Developer Portal without any code changes to their game, or by configuring a crash reporter in their game to submit errors directly to their Backtrace instance.

“Managing and resolving crashes is a crucial part of any successful game. Backtrace is the perfect fit for gaming companies that support millions of players, across platforms, around the clock,” says Abel Mathew, CEO, Backtrace.

Backtrace goes beyond simple crash reporting with features like heuristic-based crash grouping for faster root-cause discovery, unique data visualizations like flame graphs to identify unstable code-paths, and powerful workflow integrations to automate the response, triage, and prioritization of crashes. Backtrace’s interfaces are built for the game developer in mind, with an easy to use web interface and scriptable command-line clients.

Multiple AAA studios in the gaming world are taking advantage of Backtrace as they develop and maintain their titles. By providing multiple ways to view, categorize and manage crash data across platforms. Backtrace can efficiently determine which crashes need to be fixed first while inferring insights about the studio’s overall platform performance.