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Backtrace is now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

NEW YORK, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Backtrace IO is pleased to announce that it is now a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner. Being a Verified Solution Partner means Backtrace has been verified by Unity to ensure its SDK is optimized for the latest version of Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for Unity developers. This partnership will give the Unity community easy access to Backtrace’s powerful cross-platform error management solution via the Unity Asset Store.

“We are excited to begin this partnership with Unity,” said Abel Mathew, CEO and Co-Founder, Backtrace. “With Backtrace, developers get a turn-key solution to capture, understand, and act on their game crashes no matter the environment or stage of development. Backtrace arms game developers with a solution to deliver the best game experiences by enabling them to detect and resolve game crashes much more quickly.”

Backtrace’s best-in-class solution enables game developers to better understand the when, where, and why behind their game crashes. Backtrace works across QA, testing, and release environments with no impact on the game. By using Backtrace, directors can triage and prioritize crashes based on player impact, developers can access the details needed to resolve the underlying issue, and ops can get ahead of issues impacting segments of their player community.

Backtrace includes:

  • Comprehensive error capture across every phase of the game development lifecycle, which includes but is not limited to early development, functional testing, play testing, and release
  • True cross-platform error capture with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, PS4, Google Stadia and, real-time 3D technologies like Unity
  • Web and command-line interfaces to visualize, inspect, and collaboratively investigate everything from the call stack to crash context (e.g. GPU, drivers, game level, dynamically loaded objects)
  • Seamless integration with Slack, Jira, Teams, GitHub, Datadog, and other tools to reduce time to resolution and automate team-wide workflows

“Adding Backtrace to the Verified Solutions Partner program makes sense for the Unity developer community,” said Brandi House, Head of Product Management, Cloud Services, Unity Technologies. “Backtrace has a proven track record of helping developers improve game stability and minimize downtime — which will improve player satisfaction and drive adoption and revenue for our community.”

To access the SDK, visit https://backtrace.io/for/unity/