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News for Mac, iOS, Jira, and PTrace Users

June Product Update Packs in News for Mac, iOS, Jira, and PTrace For the June product update, the goal was to make things easier for Backtrace users across a wider range of use cases. There’s [...]

5 Ways to Improve your C# Exception Reporting

The Backtrace team has engaged with software development teams across various industries during the past year. One of the trends we noticed was that C# was being used adjacent to many of the products that [...]

THQ Nordic Reduced MTTD and MTTR by more than 50% with Backtrace I/O

Backtrace I/O helps high velocity gaming studios automate their debugging process to fix bugs faster and improve end user experience. Challenge: MTTD (Mean Time To Discovery) took days and not all crashes were being reported [...]

Announcing C# Support

Great news for C# developers - Backtrace now offers the ability to turn your C# exceptions and crashes into actionable and explorable insights using our reporting library. We're proud to add this to our supported [...]

Industry-Leading Minidump Support

Minidump Support with Backtrace A minidump file can be incredibly useful to software engineers who need to debug an application crash or fault. That’s because minidumps can contain the callstack along with a section of [...]

Error Monitoring and Crash Reporting 101

To stay competitive, increasing the rate of application development and delivery is critical, and you have to ensure a great end user experience while maintaining velocity. This means capturing and fixing bugs before your users [...]