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Best Practices for C# for Exception Reporting

Since the early days of .NET and C#, developers have been using logging libraries like log4Net or NLog as a way to report on errors and exceptions in applications. This is a great place to [...]

Breakpoint: George Neville-Neil and the Multi-Threaded Server

Breakpoint is a series of articles where we follow engineers along the journey of debugging the most challenging bugs they’ve encountered over the years. These war stories, in turn, help inform our product roadmap. Last time, [...]

Backtrace has News for Unity and XBox Developers!

Crash Reporting for C#, Unity, and XBox One now available Successful games are a result of an engaging experience that draws users in. Whether that’s by gameplay, artistry, or storytelling, game creators don’t want crashes [...]

iOS and macOS support with Backtrace and PLCrashReporter

iOS and macOS support with Backtrace and PLCrashReporter With the June product update just announced, Backtrace had some terrific news for the macOS and iOS communities—native support for the PLCrashReporter library (check out the docs [...]

News for Mac, iOS, Jira, and PTrace Users

June Product Update Packs in News for Mac, iOS, Jira, and PTrace For the June product update, the goal was to make things easier for Backtrace users across a wider range of use cases. There’s [...]

5 Ways to Improve your C# Exception Reporting

The Backtrace team has engaged with software development teams across various industries during the past year. One of the trends we noticed was that C# was being used adjacent to many of the products that [...]