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Backtrace offers flexible self-service pricing for the Minidump crash format via Crashpad/Breakpad, Electron, Unreal, and more. Start small and grow as you need.

Backtrace Pricing

Free $0/mo
250 Crashes/Month
1 User
90 Day Dump Retention
90 Day Metadata Retention
Unlimited Email & Live Chat Support
Self-Service $99/mo - $499/mo
1,000 - 25,000 Crashes/Month
5 Users
90 Day Dump Retention
365 Day Metadata Retention
Unlimited Email & Live Chat Support
Enterprise Custom
Unlimited Crashes
Unlimited Users
Custom Retention
Advanced Features
Priority Support, Ongoing Training, On Premises Deployment, and More!

All Prices are Shown in USD


All Plans Feature

Crash management for Minidumps from C/C++, Electron, and Unreal games on Windows, Mac OS X, LinuxFull support for multi-threaded applicationsAdvanced deduplication
Error reporting from Python, Node or JavascriptBuilt-in system attributes such as process up time and moreUnlimited user-defined attributes
Missing symbol notifications and management Symbol server supportAccurate symbolification
Web Console and Query BuilderCommand-line accessAPI access
File AttachmentsDownload dump filesCrash Debugger UI
Customizable scheduled reportsSSL EncryptionIntegrates with your messaging, issue tracking, alerting, and monitoring systems

Why Enterprise?

Advanced capture tools - Extensible snapshot generator for Linux coredumpsAdvanced capture tools - Native support for Apache Traffic ServerCustomizable classifiers to give you a head start on identifying crashes
SAMLPII Data ScrubbersFull control over retention policies
Custom Deployments - Dedicated Host or On Premises Priority SupportCustom invoicing and terms
Unlimited crashes Unlimited usersOngoing training


Get answers to your trial and pricing questions in our FAQ.