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Crash and Exception Management For Your World

Backtrace takes all the manual labor out of debugging software errors so your engineering team can focus on shipping

Ad Tech

Ad servers that crash lose money. Backtrace helps your engineers debug crashes faster and make servers more stable.

Find out why companies like AppNexus and MediaMath use Backtrace today!



Backtrace makes sure you never miss a crash that matter, no matter what platforms you run on, where your network extends, or whatever your scale.

Find out why companies like Fastly and Oath use Backtrace today!

UE4 Unity Xbox Crash Report Debug


Make sure both your backend servers and customer-facing apps stay up and provide the best experience. A collaboration services that loses messages or can’t complete a video call is one that loses users.

Find out why companies like Slack and Webex use Backtrace today!


Players should spend time playing games, not reloading crashed games. Backtrace takes 90% of the time out of debugging crashes on every platform your games run on.

Find out why companies like Roblox and Psyonix (Rocket League!) use Backtrace today!

Media Streaming

Don’t let software crashes interrupt the streaming experience. Backtrace will catch every crash from desktop, web, mobile, and the backend servers powering your service.

Find out why companies like Spotify and Amazon use Backtrace today!


RDK Applications & Components

Backtrace provides turnkey crash management for CPE manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators, and service providers.

Find out why companies like Comcast and nVidia use Backtrace today!

Smart Devices

Get real-time visibility into every error on every device and find the resolve the real customer-impacting issues in minutes or hours instead of days and weeks.

Find out why companies like Samsung and B&O use Backtrace today!


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