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Why Backtrace?

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Learn Why Our Customers Trust Backtrace as Their Go-To Crash Management Solution.

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Learn how Backtrace helps you capture, analyse and resolve the most complex issues your software produces.


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Our Customers’ Have Know They Can Rely on Backtrace for Worry Free Crash Management.


Where every other debugging tool has failed for our large workloads at Fastly, Backtrace succeeds, quickly providing data that gives us a huge head start.

Devon H. O'Dell, Technical Lead at Fastly

With Backtrace’s fast and accurate crash analysis, we can quickly identify, analyze, and address critical issues prior to a global release, ensuring our customers continue to have a high-quality experience.

Kevin Bowling, Lead Engineer at Limelight Networks

Backtrace frees us from worrying about reliably getting detailed failure data, allowing us to focus purely on making our software and core business better.

Alec Peterson, Former CTO of Message Systems

With Backtrace, we know that we’ll get the whole picture, without leaking confidential data, so we can quickly deploy a fix to a customer.

Phil Vachon, CTO of 12Sided Technology

Backtrace was able to reduce a highly inconsistent hours-to-days process to minutes.

Theo Schlossnagle, CEO of Circonus

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When you work with Backtrace you’re empowering your development team with the most trusted Crash Management solution on the market.