Go Beyond Error Reporting

The debugging platform that improves software quality, reliability and support.

Improve Incident Response and Resolution

Act on failures in real-time

Backtrace captures and sends you the information you need to act on application errors.

Triage more effectively

Errors are automatically classified, grouped and prioritized using your existing workflow.

Fix errors quickly

Assisted debugging technology analyzes the full-state of the application at the time of error so that important clues aren't missed.

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Backtrace is the first platform to combine fault aggregation, symbolic debugging and state analysis.

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Backtrace jumps into action when your software fails, capturing detailed dumps of failed application state, performing automated analysis on process memory and executable code and then archiving all of this in a centralized object store.


Fix errors more quickly — Before Backtrace, the ability to debug a problem was bottlenecked by the domain expertise of the engineer behind the debugger. Backtrace assistive debugging brings domain expertise to all engineers so that important clues are not missed.


Easily track software failures — Get an unprecedented view of faults across all your systems. Triage and prioritize more effectively with Backtrace so that important failures and factors are not missed.

Backtrace supports your enterprise-grade environment

Advanced routing of events to your existing workflow

Set up Backtrace in a matter of minutes.