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Breakpoint – Paul Khuong and the Stale Pointer

Breakpoint is a series of articles where we follow engineers along the journey of debugging the most challenging bugs they’ve encountered over the years. These war stories, in turn, help inform our product roadmap. In this article we hear from Paul Khuong, former principal engineer at AppNexus, that uses Backtrace for monitoring their C and C++ real-time advertising systems. Among other things, Paul is known for his work with the SBCL compiler and binary search.

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MIGS17: Game Over

It was just over a month ago that 5 members from Backtrace joined together as an unstoppable adventuring party on a quest to attend, exhibit, and engage attendees at MIGS17. They arrived at the Palais des congrès in Montréal, each prepared to face what would be the Final Boss for 2017: Montreal International Game Summit. This conference may have seemed like uncharted territory for us, but the team knew it was our destiny to attend. With the experience received from Games Developer Conference in March, we were prepared to be massively effective while exhibiting at MIGS17.  Read More

Better Callstacks Will Boost Your Minidump Debugging Operation

When you’re trying to triage, prioritize, and fix one or more major application failures is not a good time to hunt for your debug symbols or third-party symbol libraries. Just finding and getting all required debug symbols into a state where they can be used for reading a minidump (or other crash dump) takes precious… Read More

Wanted: UE4 Developers for Plugin Beta Test

Exciting things are happening at Backtrace! We announced self-service subscriptions, posted pricing, and now our UE4 support is getting even easier with a plugin. In short: We’ve developed a plugin for the Unreal Editor to make it easy for developers to configure their game’s crash reporter to submit errors to their Backtrace Project, and to automate the submission of debug symbols to Backtrace when games are compiled in the Editor.  Read More