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Breakpoint 2: 1-Day Virtual Game Developer Summit

Join us Feb 16, 2022 for a showcase of the tools and best practices that developers rely on to ship quality games and apps.

Join us Feb 16, 2022, 10am-6pm EST

Breakpoint is an open virtual event, free of charge, that provides an opportunity for practitioners in the game development industry to learn from each other, network, share best practices and ideas through technical talks.

Game Quality

Discussions on the aspects of software quality that game programmers focus on and the best practices, methods, and tools used to achieve better software quality and stability in games.

Testing Pipelines

A focused look on game testing pipelines, processes, and tools. Exploring the tools and techniques that are being applied in the real-world for greater coverage and increased game development velocity.

Performance Issues

All things game performance engineering. Tools, techniques, methods, across all platforms, to detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues in games.

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Create without Compromise with Unity Plastic SCM

Speaker: Christian Nisenbaum & Michael Saver of Unity

Automated Game Error Reporting and Player Support Done Right

Speaker: Greg Posner & Edward Hartman of Helpshift

In this session and Helpshift demo, developers will learn how automated game error reporting and player support done right provides invaluable insight into a Game's likeliness to launch successfully. Backtrace error and bug reporting coupled with Helpshift's Player sentiment and support allow Better Feedback faster and results in Better Games, Faster. Attend the session to win a Beanie!

Crashing With Style in Unreal Engine

Speaker: Ari Arnbjornsson of Epic Games

A build without symbols is a doomed build. A game without crash reporting will stay broken. Join Ari as he tries to break the record of live crashes in a single presentation to teach you how to get the most out of your Unreal game crashes.

Profiling, Debugging and Testing Automation for the O3DE Atom Renderer

Speaker: Qing Tao of Amazon Web Services

Open3D engine (O3DE) is a brand new, open source, cross-platform 3D engine built to power everything from triple-A games, to cinema-quality 3D worlds and high-fidelity simulations. Qing will discuss O3DE's built-in debugging and profiling tools, as well as some of the third-party tools that O3DE supports. She will also talk about the automated tests which O3DE uses to validate rendering output and how to create them.

Sharpening Your Toolset: How to Evaluate and Integrate Tools in Game Development

Speaker: Renee Gittins of IGDA

There are a wide ranges of tools available to support your game development team, but how do you choose and use the right ones? It is important to know how to evaluate tools, including their benefits and costs for both your project and your team's morale and productivity. In this talk, learn both about the evaluation considerations and how to integrate tools effectively into your team's development with both adoption processes and soft skills.

Leaning Into the Cloud Native

Speaker: Ryan Bartley of Google Stadia

O3DE Build System

Speaker: Esteban Papp of Amazon Web Services

Leveraging Crash Reports for Better Support

Speaker: Paul Winterhalder of Bitheads

We all know that Backtrace.io is an invaluable tool for developers - but lets not forget the Support Team! Being able to easily identify users that may have been affected by crashes - and pro-activaly work with them to resolve their issue - is a win:win for all parties. This talk will show how to integrate Backtrace.io with the brainCloud Backend-as-a-Service to achieve this goal.

Game Testing: Strategies, Testability, Instrumentation, and the Future

Speakers: Epic Games, EA, Google Stadia, Gamedriver I/O

Join us as we talk with industry experts across the game technology isle about the current state of game testing and where it might be headed. Our discussion will cover topics around game testing strategy, the idea of testability in the realm of game development, the use of data and instrumentation during testing, and finally where some of our panelists envision the future of game testing going. 

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