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Flexible Pricing

Free for single developers and custom plans for teams.


Free for individuals. Get started today!

Manage up to 25k monthly errors, with 1 month retention and 10 gb of storage.

  • Mobile, PC, Game Consoles, and Servers: Free to use for a single developer
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Roll out to your team and add capacity as you need it.

Manage up to 1 million monthly errors, with 3 months retention and 100 gb storage. Additional error capacity and storage is available.

  • Mobile: $600 / user / year
  • Mobile and PC: $900 / user / year
  • Mobile, PC, Game Consoles, and Servers: $1200 / user / year
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Priority support with custom deployments and capacity.

Support for unlimited errors and custom retention. Deploy on-prem or your choice of cloud provider and region. Dedicated technical account manager and security reviews are available.

  • Everything in Standard
  • Custom added solutions
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Advanced features for seamless gaming

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Query & Search

Search on a wide range of attributes 
to determine issue priority for resolution 
and reporting.

Custom Attributes

Prioritize based on number of hosts or clients impacted, runtime data, or 
custom attributes.

Flexible Deployment

Host in a multi-tenant or dedicated instance, or deploy on premises. It’s your choice.

Web Debug

Web interface for debugging, no-hassle symbol management, and automated classifications to resolve faster than ever before.

Manage Retention

Dump files and metadata are managed on their own schedules, allowing for 
long term trend analysis.

Data Scrubbing

Scrub personal Information from submitted dump file, including execution path, memory, environment variables, register values, and more.

Backtrace integrates into your workflow

Incorporate debug data into your existing workflow for SCM, alerting, ticket tracking, messaging, and more to enable seamless error management.

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