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Backtrace is a company with an ambitious mission and a passionate team dedicated to seeing it through. Come help us out!

“There’s something amazing when you’re working for a great team with great people. You inspire each other. When I see someone doing something awesome, I’m going to put my best foot forward.” ~Abel Mathew, CEO/Co-Founder

At Backtrace, our team matters to us. We’re working to create an environment that enables each person to grow with our company and bring their best selves to work every… most days (we’re human, bad days happen). We’re proud of the community we’ve built, and the quirky culture that’s been spawned. In our offices, we take puns, food critique, coffee, and custom emojis very seriously. If working hard and wordplaying hard is your jam, we’d love it if you’d come along on our adventure.

Come Meet Us

Our headquarters are in NYC, but the Backtrace team spans the United States and the globe! If you’re in the NYC area and would like to meet our team, you’re always welcome to stop by our headquarters at our office near Times Square. If that’s a bit too far, then we hope to see you at a conference or event; we love getting involved in the community!


Salary and Equity

We believe in fairly compensating you for your valuable contribution. We offer competitive salaries and meaningful equity to all our employees.


We offer flexible plans for medical, vision and dental coverage depending on your needs.

Location & Office

We’re a stone’s throw from both Union Square and Silicon Alley, surrounded by great food, lots of coffee, and plenty to do after work!

Unlimited Vacation Days

Take off the time that you need; we’re not counting the days. Our team members maintain a comfortable work-life balance.

Company Culture

With (mostly) monthly game nights, flexible schedules, and weekly family lunches, you’ll love being on our team!

Personal Development

We support continuous learning for our team. We have personal development budget for use in attending conferences, training, and classes.

Backtrace is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Backtrace does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.


Below, you can find the current openings on our team. Apply for a
position by sending us an email. Please include the name of the position
in the subject, a brief cover letter, and your resume. Bonus points for
including links to your Github/online portfolio.

The Support Manager is the leader of the Support team whose mandate is to maximize the potential of our customers’ experience of Backtrace. The Support team is frontline for Customer issues, ranging from functional questions, bugs, product requests, to account inquiries. This role requires a customer-centric, team-oriented individual that also inspires and mentors team members. The Support Manager will collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure our customers have an excellent experience using Backtrace.



  • Provide leadership and direction to the team of Support Engineers
  • Serve as a high-level escalation point for customer opportunities and issues
  • Deliver operational excellence through measuring, monitoring, and reporting on team goals and KPIs
  • Maintenance and improvement of our Support platform (currently Intercom)
  • Create and improve processes to deliver more effective and efficient Support
  • Create and deliver internal and external product training programs to educate our users
  • Coach the support team on best practices and tools to diagnose customer-facing issues
  • Partner with Product and Engineer to promote new products, provide feedback, and escalate issues

About You:

  • 5+ years in a client-facing role for a technical product
  • 2+ years in a management role, including hiring and mentorship responsibilities
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Excellent with documenting and improving processes
  • Outstanding partnership with Sales, Product, and Engineering teams


  • Start-up and/or entrepreneurial experience
  • Software development experience
  • Created and/or conducted technical training

Backtrace helps engineering teams detect bugs in their software earlier and fix issues more quickly. As an engineer on the backend team at Backtrace, you have a unique opportunity to work with our customers, product team and other stakeholders in the organization to design and build new features that help drive adoption and improve the product. You will work with a multidisciplinary team to build great product and help maintain a cutting-edge backend platform.


You will have an opportunity to work with advanced technologies in the area of concurrency, parallelism, debugging, embedded databases, memory management and more. We work with some of the best engineering teams at companies such as Comcast, Samsung, Slack, Spotify and THQ Nordic to process terabytes of memory dumps and error data a month.

Some of the technologies we are building:

  • Object Store: Work on our advanced multi-threaded server written in C, C++ and Haskell, designed to process millions of objects at single-digit latencies with vertical scalability. Takes advantage of cutting-edge concurrent algorithms for multicore systems. The workload is challenging and complex, involving both I/O and compute.
  • Columnar Database: Work on our in-house embedded columnar database written in C. Designed for analytical queries so our users can filter, aggregate and group on highly multi-dimensional error data.
  • Debugger: Work on our high-performance debugger that includes built-in static analysis of executable code and memory to help engineers identify errors in their processes. The Backtrace Debugger is able to perform several magnitudes better than state-of-the-art debuggers such as GDB and LLDB for many workloads. Work on our custom minidump analyzer that is already orders-of-magnitude faster than existing solutions, and more accurate.


  • BA / BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience and 1-3+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Experience using C or C++ with strong problem-solving skills.
  • Experience building high performance applications and multithreading.
  • Fluency with a Linux-based developer environment including basic familiarity with tools such as compilers, debuggers and version control systems (such as Git).
  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals with an understanding of data structures, algorithms, complexity and more.

About You:

  • You have initiative and are able to see it through when given the opportunity.
  • You are passionate and care about building a culture of learning and teaching. You love to challenge yourself to improve and share your knowledge to empower others.
  • You care about the big picture and strive to understand root causes to build long-lasting solutions.

The Support Engineer is responsible for driving product escalations between our users and the engineering team to resolution, where escalations include product bugs, configuration issues, and training/education opportunities. The Support Engineer is also responsible for improving the efficiency of Backtrace Support by generating technical documentation, establishing processes, building product integrations, and creating and maintaining internal tooling.

Support Engineers are customer-focused, technically curious and adept, proficient in systems configurations, and collaborate well with engineers (both internal and external). This is a great opportunity for a technologist that enjoys helping developers solve technical challenges while not focusing primarily on development his/herself.



  • Respond to, triage, and resolve support issues according to Backtrace SLAs.
  • Perform initial investigation and diagnosis for customer-facing issues.
  • Act as the Interface between customer and engineering to resolve bug fixes and install new product features across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • Communicate and escalate customer experiences and issues directly to product.
  • Build and maintain internal tools and product integrations, typically written in Bash and Python
  • Shape and produce knowledge base solutions, product documentation, and community forums.

About You:

  • 2+ years professional experience with Unix-like (Linux, FreeBSD, Illumos/derivatives), Mac, and Windows environments; you should know how to navigate and troubleshoot common problems on in multiple operating systems.
  • Excellent communication (verbal, written) skills and a positive, customer-centric attitude.
  • Strong problem solving skills and curious about technology.
  • Organized, self-starter with an ability to follow through on issues under minimal supervision.
  • Previous experience working with software engineers.
  • Technical writing experience including documentation, blog posts, etc.
  • Enterprise software support experience.
  • Programming experience with Python and shell scripting (Bash, sh)


  • Programming experience with C/C++, C#, or LUA
  • Experience with debuggers and other dev related tools.

The SDR is the primary source of generating leads for our sales pipeline. This person is responsible for identifying sales prospects, initiating engagement, and qualifying them into opportunities. The SDR will then hand-off the opportunity to our sales executives to close. The SDR will also work closely with the product and marketing teams to refine the messaging and collateral. This role is perfect for someone that is tenacious, well organized, and thrives on engaging with people.



  • Generate new leads through researching, networking, and data partnerships
  • Qualify, manage, and convert prospects to sales opportunities
  • Execute email, cold calling, and social campaigns
  • Analyze and report on sales trends

About You:

  • 2+ years sales experience in B2B technology
  • Exceptional at multitasking as you’ll be managing 100s of leads simultaneously
  • Passion for learning about customer needs
  • Thrilled to learn about and educate others on technology
  • Strong written and interpersonal communication


  • Experience producing sales forecasts and analysis
  • Experience with CRMs and email automation tools
  • Familiarity with software development lifecycle

The Developer Evangelist is responsible for accelerating product adoption and customer growth through external outreach, community engagement, and product education. As the ambassador to the developer community, you are responsible for the early stage customer funnel. You will represent Backtrace at events—both in person and online—to create brand awareness, generate leads for our sales team, and present product demos. You will also work with Backtrace marketing to generate content and refine our brand and messaging. The ideal candidate is a former engineer now looking to drive business growth, thrives in fast-paced start-up environments, and loves leading a critical function.



  • Act as the Backtrace ambassador for the community through conferences, meetups, events, webinars, and forums.
  • Write content to promote our brand, new product releases, and thought leadership.
  • Deeply understand competitive offerings and the market landscape to feed learnings into sales, marketing, and product.
  • Generate and qualify sales prospects.
  • Lead product demos.
  • Facilitate the creation of marketing material, including blog posts, case studies, social media content, advertising copy, and sales collateral.

About You:

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Passion for talking tech with engineers and talking business with C-levels.
  • Enjoys discussing the pros/cons between Linux and FreeBSD.
  • Balance between technical depth and business strategist.
  • Knows the way around developer-oriented tools like error reporting, debuggers, and monitoring tools.
  • Enjoys attending meetups, technical events, and conferences, as well as working alongside engineers.


  • Hands-on experience in C/C++, node.JS, and Go languages; and Unix and Unix-like operating systems.
  • Sales and marketing responsibilities for early stage companies.

The Systems Software Engineer is responsible for improving the core object storage platform that is the foundation of the Backtrace platform. The role is instrumental in allowing our customers to debug at scale and analyze highly multidimensional data so that they can improve software quality. The object store is responsible for receiving fault data (minidump, proprietary dump format, etc…) and processing analytical queries from the web frontend using an in-house embedded columnar database. You will work with other systems software engineers and the frontend team to design and implement a myriad of improvements ranging from improved performance, reliability, data analysis and user experience.



  • Extend core subsystems ranging from work scheduling, to networking, HTTP protocol layer, storage, indexing and data analysis. Our object store is mostly built in C, but the ecosystem contains some Haskell, Node and Python.
  • Own critical portions of the object store architecture that have direct impact on the end-user.
  • Make tough decisions regarding when, how and why certain investments should be made.
  • Deliver continued improvements to both the velocity and the quality of the product.
  • Contribute to and improve our software development lifecycle.
  • Collaborate with a variety of team members from specification to implementation.

About You:

  • 3+ years of significant C or C++ development experience. You’ve written high quality software that is used in production environments under non-trivial constraints, be it space or time. You’ve built and utilized advanced data structures in real workloads.
  • Working knowledge and experience with core systems concepts including:
    • Computer architecture: You know basic concepts of computer architecture including pipeline hazards and (virtual) memory hierarchy.
    • Design: You have a pragmatic approach to software design that is grounded in workload, requirements, engineering costs and customer value.
    • Filesystems: You know what an inode and buffer cache is.
    • Multithreading: Familiarity and experience with a myriad of synchronization primitives, from a simple mutex to more advanced facilities.
    • Networking: You’ve used the BSD socket interface, know what a socket buffer is and have a basic understanding of TCP.
    • Operating systems: You know the difference between a thread and a process, mmap and sbrk, and what virtual memory is.
  • You’ve read at least 2 interesting papers in the systems domain over the last year.
  • A proven track record of accountability, autonomy, collaboration, pragmatism and discipline. You have initiative and are able to see it through when given the opportunity. You are able to identify gaps in your knowledge and leverage the strengths of other contributors to build great product. You let facts and results ultimately guide your decision-making.
  • If you’ve strong interest and interesting code to share, we would still love to hear from you! We hire for great demonstrable talent first.


  • You’ve written some kernel code at some point for one production operating system.
  • You have demonstrable domain expertise in at least one area in systems programming.

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