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Capture, Prioritize, Resolve

Backtrace takes all the manual labor out of cross-platform crash and exception management so you can focus on shipping

Monitor and Capture Every Critical Event

Cross-platform callstack and event aggregation and monitoring.

Process errors from panics, core dumps, minidumps, and during runtime across your stack with a single system.

Backtrace generates structured, searchable error reports from your data.

Gain an Unfair Advantage with
the Deepest Introspection

Automated analysis cuts down on time to resolution by surfacing important signals that lead engineers to crash root cause.

Never worry about missing a clue with rich integrations into dashboards, notification, and workflow systems.

Customizable Priorities and Analysis

Answer the questions that matter to you with Backtrace’s rich query engine.

View a high-level overview of error frequency, prioritization, and trends across all your projects.

Search through key data points and your own custom data across all your errors.


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