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Superstar Panel: Game Development in the Tech Age

Date: April 26, 2023
In this episode of Beyond the Code, host Oz delves into the complex world of game developers and the role technology plays in their lives. Joined by an expert panel featuring Keith Adair from Unity, Konrad Dysput from Sauce Labs, and Phil Williams from King, they discuss the potential for technology to alleviate the stress and challenges faced by game developers on a daily basis. The conversation tackles the impact of technology on game quality, productivity, and performance, as well as its ability to expedite the release of top-notch games. As our guests share their insights from leading industry companies, they consider whether harnessing the power of technology can ultimately enhance the quality of life for game developers, making it a true ally in their work. Don't miss this engaging discussion on the evolving landscape of game development in the age of technology.

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Breaking Barriers: The Resilient Journey of a Finnish Game Developer

Date: March 29, 2023

Join us in this inspiring premiere episode of Beyond The Code where we delve into the fascinating journey of Olli Juhola, a successful Finnish game developer and instructor. Olli opens up about his personal story of overcoming learning difficulties and shares how he turned his passion for gaming into a successful career in the industry. As we listen to Olli's journey, we learn about the challenges he faced during the pandemic and how he pivoted to a teaching career. Tune in to discover the valuable insights and practical tips that Olli has to offer on pursuing your dreams and achieving success in the dynamic world of game development.

Meet Olli Juhola, a highly accomplished Finnish Game Developer with a passion for inspiring and empowering others in the industry. Olli is currently serving as a Game Development Teacher at Careeria, where he imparts his extensive knowledge and expertise to aspiring game developers. He is an active member of the IGDA in Finland, where he frequently hosts Game Jams and other exciting events to promote game development and bring together like-minded individuals.

Oz Syed is a Game Developer Evangelist at Sauce Labs, renowned for his extensive knowledge and expertise in game and software engineering. With over 15 years of experience in various senior technical roles, Oz has honed his skills and developed a unique perspective on the industry. In addition, he has also served as a mentor and professor for over 7 years in various Game and Software Engineering programs at Canadian post-secondary institutions. Oz is a subject matter expert in Unity Game engine and has a keen interest in emerging technologies, AI, and creating innovative tech products involving gaming and gamified applications.  With a unique blend of technical skills and creative vision, Oz takes listeners on a journey through the exciting and ever-evolving world of game development and technology.

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