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Sauce Labs and Backtrace Solutions for Mobile Game Quality

Sauce Labs offers the broadest mobile game testing solution in the industry, enabling studios to achieve quality at speed throughout all phases of the mobile game development, and release better mobile games to the market, faster.

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Top 5 Questions You Need To Ask About Crash And Error Monitoring Backtrace For Enterprise

Software teams are realizing that by continuously monitoring errors throughout the development process, they can dramatically improve their ability to identify and fix issues quickly, and in turn improve software quality.

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A Platform For Software Debugging And Crash Reporting

This Solution Overview describes the vision for the Backtrace product, provides a tour of the three foundational capabilities of the Backtrace platform, and details the unique capabilities of the platform that make it the best error analysis and crash resolution technology for today’s complex and high-performance software, devices, video games, and appliances.

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Backtrace for Enterprise

The Backtrace one-pager highlights the key features and benefits of the solution, provides some imagery of the error lifecycle, and outlines how some customers are seeing value and ROI today.

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Backtrace For Gaming

Backtrace provides gaming studios with the tooling they need for cross-platform crash reporting to ultimately drive higher player retention and satisfaction with best in class game stability. Unreal, Unity, Xbox, PS4, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, C++, or C#—we have you covered. 17 of the top 25 gaming companies already use Backtrace. Why don’t you?

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