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Capturing Python Errors In Microservices And Cloud Functions

Python is a high-level, general-purpose language that emphasizes ease of use and code readability. With its practical yet powerful syntax, Python is one of the most popular languages used by developers worldwide.
In this whitepaper, we’ll take a brief look at why Python has been a popular choice for microservices, why capturing Python errors is more challenging in today’s cloud environment, and how can ease your development by monitoring and capturing critical events and generating the reports you need to debug quickly and efficiently.

Software Quality Management Through Error Collection In CI/CD Pipelines

Software development practices have been changing in the past few years. We’ve moved from on-premises to cloud, and from building, testing, and deploying locally to fully automated DevOps processes. Backtrace error reporting is evolving along with those changes. This paper explains and shows you how Backtrace lets you capture, aggregate, alert, correlate, and retain all types of software quality information within your codebase and CI/CD pipeline.

Why You Need Advanced Error Detection And Resolution For Your Java Stack

We live in the age of digital transformations, especially in the Java world. We see the monoliths of old being broken up into microservices and many microservices being introduced due to the low bar of spinning up new workloads in the cloud. It’s not only the quantity of new distinct workloads that is proving a substantial challenge, but also the way these workloads are being managed because of the shift to the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) paradigms that present many opportunities but some challenges as well.
Read this whitepaper to understand more about this problem space. Learn about the latest advanced error detection and resolution techniques, how to embed them in your DevOps processes and see how they can help you meet both your uptime and time-to-market targets.

Software Crash Management For Embedded And Iot Devices

The stability of loT devices is essential to the success of so many consumer, commercial, and industrial products, and yet the question begs: How do you monitor and manage expanding fleets of resource-constrained lOT devices, when these devices feature unpredictable connectivity and limited support for system health monitoring, error detection and analysis?
This paper explores common issues that complicate error detection. It explains how a comprehensive error management platform can facilitate capturing, analyzing, and resolving software defects in embedded devices.

Accelerating Error Detection And Resolution For Developers

Finding the root cause of application exceptions is one of the most difficult and frustrating jobs developers face. It’s challenging to find time to resolve issues during the development process, when delays cost the team and the company time and money; but the longer a team waits to address bugs, the more difficult they are to resolve.

5 Questions You Need To Ask About Error Monitoring

Software teams are realizing that by continuously monitoring errors throughout the development process, they can dramatically improve their ability to identify and fix issues quickly, and in turn improve software quality.

Solutions Overview

This Solutions Overview will describe the vision for the Backtrace product, provide a tour of the three foundational capabilities of the Backtrace platform, and describe the unique capabilities of the platform that make it the best error analysis and crash resolution technology for today’s complex and high-performance software, devices, video games, and appliances.

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