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Why Critical Event Capture With Deep Introspection is Key To Digital Transformation: Lessons From the Trenches

This webinar brings together experts in application monitoring and management, featuring GigaOm analyst David Linthicum and special guests from Backtrace IO, Abel Mathew, CEO and Co-founder, and Vincent Lussenburg, DevOps Strategist, Author & Speaker. The discussion focuses on understanding why error management, monitoring, and event analysis is critical to success for digital transformation.


Software Crash Management for Embedded Devices

If you aren’t thinking about software crashes, you should. They represent a point of failure for device operation and ruin end-user experience. In this talk, we’ll first learn how various software organizations ensure that their devices are resilient to software crashes. We will then do a deep dive into how they capture, analyze, and leverage crash data to improve software quality and accelerate product development before and after release.


Error Monitoring and Crash Reporting 101 – What You Need to Know

In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn what error monitoring is all about, when in the development lifecycle it is best to implement, the must-have capabilities of an error monitoring system, and considerations for build vs. buy.


Improve CI/CD Stability with CloudBees and Backtrace

What do you do when a build pipeline fails? How do you simplify the process of triage and resolution behind the failure? Samy Bahra, and Chris Saleski recount how build pipelines can get more complex, and repeatable processes you can implement to resolve issues when they happen. 23 minutes of great content + 7 minutes of questions make this 30 minutes well spent.


What every programmer should know about malloc

Memory allocators are a critical part of the run-time system for languages such as C++. Over the last few decades, the requirements for general-purpose memory allocation have become significantly more complex with different allocators evolving to handle different workloads varying by process age, concurrency, allocation patterns, object sizes, access patterns and more. At CPPCon 2019, Samy Al Bahra, Paul Khuong and Hannes Frederic Sowa collaborated on presenting the foundations of malloc and the tips that helped them improve performance in the real world.


Shift Left and Deliver Better Software, Faster

Abel Mathew, CEO and Co-Founder of Backtrace and Vincent Lussenburg, Director of DevOps Strategy at XebiaLabs, discuss how teams are improving the way they build and deploy software by “shifting left” and testing earlier in the SDLC to improve quality. The live demo actually breaks! Can they use Backtrace to solve it before the webinar ends?


Abusing your memory model for fun and profit

The most efficient concurrent C++ data structures used in the wild today usually achieve break-neck performance by either constraining their workload or constraining correctness to a particular memory model. At CPPCon 2019, Paul Khuong and Samy Al Bahra collaborated on a talk sharing success stories of workload specialization in real-world workloads over the last few years.


Introduction to Symbolic Debuggers

Join Samy Bahra, Backtrace CTO and co-founder, for this introduction to symbolic debugging. Learn the challenges of debug information in the presence of modern compilers and associated optimizations, and understand why you are getting incorrect information from your symbolic debuggers and the potential mitigations.


Demystifying Exception Handling in C++

Learn how exception handling is implemented in native languages such as C and C++. Hannes Sowa, Staff Software Engineer at Backtrace, will share insights and anecdotes on navigating the complexities of exception handling and how to unwind the call stack to hone in on the root cause of a crash or exception and resolve it.