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Discover the Untold Stories of Game Developers and Their Journey to Success on 'Beyond The Code' Podcast

Are you interested in the world of game development and technology? Do you want to hear real stories from successful game developers and learn valuable insights and practical tips on how to achieve success in the industry? Look no further than Beyond The Code, a brand new podcast that uncovers the real stories of game developers. Hosted by Oz, a game developer evangelist with a unique blend of technical skills and creative vision, Beyond The Code is your passport to the ever-evolving world of game development and technology.

In the premiere episode, Oz sits down with Olli Juhola, a successful Finnish game developer, who shares his inspiring journey of overcoming learning difficulties and achieving success in the industry. They dive deep into the challenges Olli faced during the pandemic, all while providing valuable insights and practical tips on how to achieve success in game development.

So, if you're a fan of game development and want to learn from the best in the business, then tune in to Beyond The Code. Our guests include game studios, indie developers, and game dev influencers, who will inspire and motivate you to chase your dreams in the dynamic world of game development.

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • Olli talked about his passion for video games and how he started his journey in the industry. "I've been interested in video games since I was a kid. It was a natural thing for me to start making them."
  • Oz and Olli discussed the importance of networking in the game development industry. "Networking is really important. You never know who you're going to meet, and what kind of opportunities can come up."
  • Olli shared his experience of dealing with learning difficulties and how he overcame them. "I was struggling with dyslexia and ADD, which made it difficult for me to learn. But I found ways to work around it and focus on what I'm good at."
  • Oz and Olli talked about the impact of the pandemic on the game development industry and how developers had to adapt to the new reality. "It was a tough time for everyone, but it also presented new opportunities. We had to learn how to work remotely and communicate effectively."
  • Olli also stresses the importance of a fail-fast mentality, where developers should not be afraid to try new ideas and fail quickly, learning from their mistakes and improving their game development process. He states, "One main thing I learned is fail fast mentality. I think everybody should know it, especially, like, newcomers into the industry. The fail fast mentality is you should know when. To quit working on your project or when to shelf your project and work on it a bit later. Fail fast, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward. That's how you become a better developer."
  • Furthermore, Olli and Oz discuss the crucial role of testing in game development. Olli emphasizes that testing should be an essential part of any game development process, and that developers should be diligent about testing their games at every stage. He says, "Every game has bugs, and major bugs should be fixed before release. However, it's important to remember that not all bugs are created equal. Minor bugs are called 'minor' for a reason, and they may not be immediately noticeable to players. Therefore, it's crucial to prioritize and address the most critical bugs first, as this is key to successfully releasing your game."

Overall, the first episode of Beyond The Code is a fascinating and inspiring conversation that will motivate anyone interested in game development to chase their dreams. Stay tuned for future episodes, featuring game studios, indie developers, and game dev influencers, who will share their real stories and practical tips on how to succeed in the dynamic world of game development.


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