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Supercharge Crash Management for Unreal Engine 4

Earlier this year, we exhibited at Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. It was our first dedicated conference focused on game developers—especially those building on Unreal Engine 4—and we had a ton of fun exhibiting and meeting studios and developers. We also reinforced our thesis that crash management for game studios presented some unique challenges our offering was well positioned to improve.

Fast forward a few months later, and we had our first game studios using our platform to revamp crash management process, increase user retention rates, and improve the efficiency of their development team. One of those studios, Fun Bits, the creators of SQUIDS FROM SPACE, was kind enough to share their experiences.


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Charge Up Electron crashReporter

Back in May, we announced support for Breakpad, Crashpad, and minidump files. In that announcement, we included our official support for developers that maintain Electron Apps as well. It didn’t take long for companies building on Electron to sign up, and we’re thrilled to see them already successfully finding and fixing crashes through Backtrace. David Roe from, a messaging app using Electron, was kind enough to share his experiences using Backtrace to make his Electron crashReporter submissions actionable.

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Customer Use Case: Shipping Code Faster

Customer success stories are among our most prized assets. They validate our company mission to build the best crash management platform to improve every aspect of the debugging workflow. Plus, understanding how our customers are using us in practice helps us shape our roadmap. A recent story caught my attention that I wanted to share (read: brag).

Read more to learn about how a recent customer used Backtrace to ship code faster.

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A Customer Use Case in Managing Errors

Recently, one of our clients, Circonus, posted a blog about a fault they experienced on one of their small but misson-critical components. We were excited to see Backtrace deeply involved in expediting their time to resolution. The experience is a great example why sophisticated software organizations need more than just monitoring and reporting to build a robust error management process. Deep introspection, analysis, automation, and workflow integration are all critical to ensure that systems come back up and stay up with minimal impact. Read More